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125 psych final


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What does the nurse do as a member in a health team?
patient care
What does the psychiatrist do as a member in a health team?
provides diagnosis, treatment, meds
What does the clinical psychologist do as a member in a health team?
administering and interpreting tests
When must the interdisciplinary treatment plan ge generated within?
8hrs of admission.
when does the team have to meet to update the plan
what is the case managers position?
watch out for patient. Like a guardian angle.
Who is the assertive community treatment plan made up of?
case managers that manage the pt 24.7
Goals of the hospitalized pt.
stabilize behavior, regain and improve coping skills, plan discharge.
Charistics of mental health (sick)
problems with
bad social skills/relationships
problem solving
low self esteem
characteristics of mental health (well)
good coping, reality based, organized thoughts, steady mood, independant.
defense mechanisms:
deny you have a problem is
defense mechanisms:
angry at Dr. but takesi it out on the nurse?
defense mechanisms:
using logic, advantages of moving to another city
defense mechanisms:
he's coming on to me. instead of saying you like him
defense mechanisms:
involuntarily blocking (cant remember accident)
defense mechanisms:
dont think about it today, voluntarily blocking
defense mechanisms:
channels engery into being president of MADD
defense mechanisms:
hate nursing but tells others is a good career.
Reaction formation
defense mechanisms:
parents value system, dont cheat its wrong.
defense mechanisms:
buy flowers to undo wrong behavior
defense mechanisms:
making excuses for drinking beacause of bad marriage and job
defense mechanisms:
showing no emotion
defense mechanisms:
retreating back, drinks from bottle not cup.
defense mechanisms:
become a physical therapist d/t good experiences, admire someone.
defense mechanisms:
Covers up weakness by excelling in something else
What is therapeutic alliance?
long term relationship
WHat is therapeutic encounter?
short relationship, offer self for 10 minutes
What does euthymic mean?
normal mood to fit the situation
what does euphoric mood mean?
up beat mood such as that seen during a manic episode..
facial expressions are known as?
one way boundires, narrow perspective, difficult to bond with?
What type of boundry is this?
Rigid boundries
Blunted means what?
What is Labile mood?
changing/ mood swings
What is full range affect
normal expression
Constrictive range means what?
pullied in, not full expression
can't organize thinking, everything scrambled is an example of what?
word salad
really isnt there with
no stimulation,
delusions are?
actual stimulation but misinterpretation
ex. magic
what we are born with, pleasure, impulsive, and irrational are parts of what stage of Freuds psychoanalytical model
the everyday life experiences, rational self, relaity, maintains harmony are what stage in frauds psychoanalytical model.
The conscious, right from wrong, perfection, morals and values are what stage in freauds psycholanalytical model.
Neo fraudian who focused on tasks for each stage
Interpersonal model are who?
sullivan is known for what?
interpersonal model
therapeutic relationships
Peplau is know for what?
interpersonal model
Nurse-pt relationship and definded anxiety by level of severity
Cognitive models are who?
beck and ellis
Piaget did what
children with stages
cognitive models
Beck and ellis did what>?
change behavior, how do people learn?
cognitive models
bandura did what?
role models
cognitive models
behavioralists include?
Skinner what know for
reward/punishment with animals.
pavlov was known for
classic conditioning
Needs that are essential to styay alive are what level on maslows
safety and security needs are what level with maslow?
level 2
social needs (love and belonging)represent what level with maslow
ego needs or self-esteem is what level on maslows
spiritual needs represent what level on maslows
family models is associated with who?
benjamin push was who>
medical educator, father of american psychiatry
kubler- ross was who
stages of mourning
bleuler did what>?
named schizophrenia
hays and larson did what?
communication barriers
what is axis 1
mental diagnosis and substance abuse
what is axis 2
personality disorder
axis 3 is?
medical condition
axis 4 is
environment, living conditions, education income
axis 5
global assessment
asthma copd is what axis?
axis 3
anxiety, ocd is what axis
First antipsychotic drug used in 1952 was what?
tofranil is used for what?
therapeutic communication techniques:

Is there something you'd like to talk about?
Share with me how your pass went?

Where would you like to begin?
focused opening statement.
therapeutic communication techniques:

And then?

Tell me about it.
therapeutic communication techniques:

Client- Im confused
Nurse- You're confused

Client- My brother asks for money
Nurse- Asking for money angers you?
Reflecting content and feeling
therapeutic communication techniques:

you sound very upset with this situation.

you appear tense?
observing feelings
therapeutic communication techniques:

encourage a person to speak by waiting.
using silence
therapeutic communication techniques:

Client- i have so much to do. 3 kids,
work pt time, how can i relax

Nurse- its hard for you to see how you
could fit one mroe activitiy
into your busy day
restating (paraphrasing)
therapeutic communication techniques:

My name is...
my hrs are..
Im taking you to....
my puropse being here is...
Giving info
therapeutic communication techniques:

Im not sure if i follow

what would you say is the main point of what you said?
therapeutic communication techniques:

i see no one else in this room.

that soul.d was a car backfiring

i dont hear any vocies other then you and i.
presenting reality
therapeutic communication techniques:

Have i got this straight?
you're said that.....
therapeutic communication techniques:

Good moring. Mr jones. I see you shwered this morning.
making observations
therapeutic communication techniques:

uh hum
i follow you
encouraging continuation
factors of a theraputic relationship:

putting aside others actions such as being sexually abusive to deal with getting them healthy..
self awarness
factors of a theraputic relationship:

connectiveness, comfortable with you, bulding by talking about social issues.
factors of a theraputic relationship:

Sharing ino that will show they believe you are not "against them" understanding their boundries.
factors of a theraputic relationship:

giving worth regardless of behavior they are demonstrating.
factors of a theraputic relatinship:

honest, real , not phoney
Factors of a theraputic relationship

observe and communicate for a time to understand their feelings sharing and talking.

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