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What DA-PAM cover maintenance?
What are the four levels of maintenance?
1. Unit
2. Direct support
3. General support
4. Depot
What does PMCS stand for?
Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services
When is a PMCS performed?
Before, during, and after the use of a piece of equipment, also weekly and monthly
What is a TM?
A technical manual, that defines the scope of repairs on equipment
What is a DD form 314?
Preventative Maintenance Schedule Record
What series of manuals refer to organizational maintenance?
20 series
Who is required to perform PMCS?
Every person who operates a piece of equipment
What does TAMMS stand for?
The Army Maintenance Management System
Which series of manuals is used for operator level PMCS?
10 series
Before a vehicle can be dispatched what equipment must be on board?
Fire Extinguishers (with updated tags), complete 1st aid kit, highway warning kit
What does PLL mean?
Prescribed load list
What does MAIT mean?
Maintenance Assistance and Instruction Team
How many days does a basic PLL sustain a unit?
15 days
What is a class 3 leak?
Seepage of fluid great enough to form drops and drip during inspection

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