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Health Chapter 4


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What is the FITT formula?
Frequency - how often you do the activity weekly
Intensity - how hard you work at the session
Time - how much you devote to a session
Type - Which activies you select
What does the RICE mean?
R: rest
I: ice
C: compression
E: elevation
What does physical activity?
Any movement of the body that is carried out by the muscles and reguires energy.
What is Muscular Strength?
The amount of force a muscle can exert
What is Body Composition?
The ratio of body fat to learn body tissue, including muscle, bone, water, tissue. Example) ligaments, cartilage, and tendons.
What is Overload?
It's working the body harded than it's ever been worked.
What is Muscular Endurance?
The ability of the muscle to perform physical tasks for a while without getting fatigued.
What is Specificity?
Particulas exercises and activites improves particular areas of health related fitness.
What is Flexability?
It's being able to move body parts
What is Hypothermia?
A condition in witch body temperature becomes dangerously low
What is a Strain?
A condition resulting from damaging a muscle or tendon
What is Physical Fitness?
The ability to carry out daily tasks easily and have energy left over
What is Sedentary Lifestyle?
A way of life that involves little physical activity.
What is a Sprain?
A injury to the ligament around the joint
What is Frostbite?
A condition when body tissuse become frozen
What is Anaerobic Exercise?
Chemicals similar to testosterone

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