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Dieterich - Elements of Fiction


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works of prose such as novels and short stories that have imaginary elements
the sequence of events in a story
gives background by setting the tone and introducing the characters and setting
introduces complications, builds suspense, and is when the plot thickens
rising action
the turning point of the story; when suspense reaches its peak; this results in the change of the main character; occurs toward the end of the story
after climax; it resolves the conflict; ties up any loose ends in the story
falling action/ resolution
people, animals, or imaginary creatures who take part in the story
most important characters in a story
main characters
characters who interact with the main characters but are less important
minor characters
characters who change as a result of events
dynamic characters
characters that remain unchanged in the story
static characters
the particular time and place in which the story events occur
the perception about life or human nature that the writer conveys to the reader; the author's message

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