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ACNM - Biochemistry


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Carbohydrates are stored in the liver in the form of ___________.
The carbon 2 fragment that enters the TCA cycle merges with what compound in Step One?
A triglyceride has three fatty acids, each containing a single double bond. it could be best described as -
a) saturated
b) super saturated
c) poly unsaturated
d) unsaturated
e) dry
An enzyme that catalyses the removal of a group of atoms from one molecule, and then joining that group to another molecule is called -
The disaccharide Sucrose consists of -
a) a locked b-D-Galactose ring and a locked a-D-Glucose ring
b) a fructose unit and a b-D-galactose ring
c) a locked b-D-fructose ring and a locked a-D-glucose ring
d) a ribose unit and a glucose
c) a locked b-D-fructose ring and a locked a-D-Glucose ring
What are lipases?
Digestive enzymes
What does a competitive inhibitor do?
Binds to the active site of the enzyme
A mixture of an equal amount of enantiomers is called -
A racemic mixture
What is a sphingomyelin best described as?
What type of linkages does the carbohydrate Amylopectin havedistributed throughout the structure?
both a-(1-4) and a(1-6) linkages
Monosaccharides have the chemical properties of:
a) sweetness
b) solubility
c) optical activity
d) all of the above
e) none of the above
d) all of the above
The outer membranes of the mitochondria are:
a) totally impermeable
b) permeable to small molecules and ions
c) called the matrix
d) called the cristae
e) permeable to ions but not to small molecules
b) permeable to small molecules and ions
What word describes the water attractive properties of lipids?
Why is a molecule of GTP different from a molecule of ATP?
The nucleic base is Guanine rather than Adenine
What type of structure is the sequence of amino acids in a protein?
A hydrophobic interaction is an example of a protein _____________ structure.
Where does the oxygen come from in the overall reaction of the oxidative phosphorylation reaction.
The air we breathe in.
In a cell mRNA is found in:
a) cytosol
b) lysosomes
c) nucleus
d) outer cell membrane
e) both a & c are correct
e) both a & c are correct
Which of these is ketone body?
a) fumerate
b) malate
c) succinate
d) acetoacetate
e) L-Arginine
d) acetoacetate
What is the metabolic pathway in which glucose is eventually converted to lactate?
The end product of glycolysis is pyruvate. Pyruvate does not accumulate because it is:
a) converted to acetyl CoA
b) reduced to lactate
c) reduced to ethanol and carbon dioxide
d) all of the above
e) non of the above are chemical
d) all of the above
What is a complex lipid made up of glycerol, fatty acids, a phosphate group and another alcohol (such as choline, serine or ethanolamine) called?
What is the most abundant extra-cellular fluid called/
Interstitial fluid
What is catabolised in the urea cycle?
Amino acids
The compound UTP is used in biosynthetic processes. What does the U stand for?
What are the receptors on cell membrane surfaces mostly composed of?
Which element does protein contain that most lipids and carbohydrates lack?
GTP is produced at what step in the Citric Acid Cycle?
Step 5
In RNA, bases align into combinations of three, called triplets or codons. What does each codon translate into.
A single amino acid
Ketogenic amino acids can be converted to acetoacetyl CoA. Amino acid that can do this are:
Lysine and Leucine
What type of process is glycogenesis>
The production of Ketone bodies arises from the catabolism of what?
What does the symbol PPi stand for?
Inorganic phosphate
What class of vitamins are part of the structures of FAD and NAD+?
B Vitamins
Why was the b Oxidation process so named?
It produces carbon 2 fragments.
What happens to the carbon dioxide that is produced by the body?
Most of it is exhaled but some of it is used in a number of biosynthetic processes.

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