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125 final BiPolar


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biPolar is characterized by?
mood swings
what class of people have bipolar
upper socioeconomic
what age does mania usually present by?
bipolar is more prominate in what sex?
both equally
bi polar tends to be prevelant in what type of people?
creative and intelligent
extreme euphoria elation, grandiose delusions, sever enough to cause major areas of dysfunction
less intense then mania, can live normal life at home. (chuck)
mood swings for at least two yrs.
Hypomania or depression not sever enough to cause major dysfunction or hospitalization
what medications have potential for iniating a manic episode?
Steroids, amphetamines, tricyclic antidepressants
treatment for bipolar is with use of mood stabalizing drugs, such as
lithium, valproic acid, carbamazepine, or lamotrigine.
treatment for bipolar is with use of antipsychotic drugs, such as
what type of therapy is best for a bi polar person>
group, they tend to try and fool the therapist alone and they tend to act better in front of their peers.
the depression is thought of to be a result in the ?
decrease in norepinephrine/dopamine
mania is thought to be from the ?
INCREASE IN NOREpineprine/dopamine
bi polar is thought to be a problem in the imbalance of what four amines?
norepineprine, dopamine, acetylcholine, seretonin
What abnormality with the hippocamus is significant with bipolar?
left side is larger
what is shown with intracellular sodium and calcium in bipolar?
increase in sodium and CA
what type of intractive behavior is seen in people with bipolar
in your face inrusive, attention seeking inflatted ego. judgement errors
nursing interventions for risk for violence directed at others?
assess escalation
set limits with consuwences
isolate if necessary
medicate for agitation
nursing diagnoses for disturbed thought processes?
short clear directions
simple tasks
quiet milieu
limit setting with consequences
risk for violence directed at others related to>?
labile mood, poor judgment, impulsivity, grandiose thinking
number one treatment with bipolar is what?
impaired social interactions what interventions would you use>?
limit group activities
firm approach
politely break off hyper talkativness
impaired social interactions as evidence by
labile moods
inappropriate sexual behavior
manipulative behavior
altered nutrition
simple small meals with snacks
monitor intake
cue to eat
sleep pattern disturbance evidence by decreased amount of sleep.
quiet milieu
rest peroids
some directed physical activity during the day
ineffective coping
encourage to hold off decision making
stress and anger management
family counseling
anti seizure or mood stabilizers may produce this side effect
two types of anti seizure mood stabilizers are
depakote (valproic acid)
liver toxicity is possible with this med
depakote (valproic acid)
this mood stabilizer may cause agranulocytosis, may be used in pregnancy and is not used very frequently
tegretol (carbamazepine)
mood stabilizer used very frequently but no FDA approval is
neurontin, lamictal, tripleptal
antipsychotic mood stabilizers in clude
zyprexa, seroquel risperdal
zyprexa, seroquel, risperdal
are atypical antipsychotics that have been found to have problems with what>
late onset diabetes
anxiolytic or benzodiazipine drug used is?
lithium carbonate aka lithium side effects include>?
alters electrical conductivity in body cardiac with dyrhythmia

alters fluid ecectrolyte balance fluid retention increase thirst, increase urinary output
narrows therapeutic window
general appearance of a bipolar person
may be neglected too distracted
flamboyant, bizarre
excessive make up change clothes all the time
cheerful, euphoric, elated
irritable, nasty angery

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