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chpt 7 2


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similarities of MHC 1 and 2 binding cleft
both have two alpha helices on sides and beta sheet at base of cleft
3 differences of binding regions of mhc 1 and 2
1. closed end vs. open
2. 9 res vs. 15
3. deep vs. constant elevation
conserved vs. motif
where variation among polymorphic alleles in human genome of HLA are clustered:
around peptide binding domains (a1/a/2 in MHC1, A1/B1 in MHC2
result of CLOSELY LINKED MHC loci:
1/4 chance siblings will be histocompatible
relative risk
freq of allele in paitent/freq of allele in control population..

higher the risk of disease - patient will be more susceptible to it
why are tcells mhc restricted?
only those that recognize self mhc can survive positive selection in the thymus
site of synthesis/processing of MHC1 and 2
RER/golgi apparatus
if virus is dead, which pathway of Ag degradation will NOT WORK
ubiquitin signals
proteolysis of endogenous Ag.
function of

DO says DON'T; it inhibits removal of CLIP from MHC and prevents Ag binding

DM says DO: it removes clip so antigen can bind MHC2
Class 1 nonclassical CD1

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