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Libido: desire


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Acclivity: An Upward slope.

Embrasure: A wall opening for a gun.

Protrude: To jut out.


Acclivity, Embrasure, Protrude, Manisfestation, Etiquette, Apprehension, Imperious, Poignant, Ramification, Periodicity.

Accredit: to recognize as having met official standards. To ascribe or attribute to; credit with; to authorize.

Credence: Acceptance as true or valid; belief. Claim to acceptance;

Accredit, Credence, Credential, Credibility, Creditable, Credulous, Creed, Discredit, Incredible, Miscreant.

Alacrity:(noun) Speed and willingness in acting or responding; cheerful readiness; eagerness.(Latin "com" meaning "together" and "ponere" meaning "to put

Alacrity, composure, ennui, imperturbable, impetuous, incite, indolent, inert, pandemonium, serenity.

Assail:(trans verb) To attack; assault. To attack verbally. (From the latin "Ad" meaning "Onto" and "Salire" meaning "to Leap")


Assail, Bulwark, Citadel, Fortitude, Haven Invincible, Mettle, Resilient, Stalwart, Stamina

Diligence: (Noun) Constant and earnest effort to accomplish a task; careful attention. ( Latin word "diligere" meaning "To love")


Diligence, Fastidious, Foresight, Judicious, Meticulous, Minutiae, Prudent, Punctilious, Selective, Systematic.

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