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Axial Musculature


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orbicularis oculi
closes eye
orbicularis oris
surrounds mouth, compresses lips against teeth
zygomaticus major
levator labii superioris
raises upper lip, flares nostrils
depressor labii inferioris
lowers lower lip
cheeks; blows air and sucks in
tenses skin of neck, depresses mandible
closes mouth/raises mandible
raises mandible
medial pterygoids
grinds teeth, closes jaw and moves mandible side/side
lateral pterygoids
opens mouth and moves mandible side/side
move head downward, turn head toward shoulder and turn face upward
splenius capitus
pull head backward, rotate head
expands thoracic cavity, compresses abdominal cavity
external intercostals
draws ribs together, elevate ribcage during inspiration
internal intercostals
depress ribs during expiration
rectus abdominus
compresses abdomen, flexes spine
tendinous intersections
divide rectus abdominus into segments
linea alba
extends from xiphoid process to pubic symphysis
external oblique
compresses abdomen, bends vertebral column laterally
internal oblique
compresses abdomen, bends vertebral column laterally
transverse abdominis
compresses abdomen
male - empty urethra of urine/semen, assists in erection
female - constricts vaginal opening, assists in erection of clitoris
maintains erection of penis/clitoris
superficial transverse perineus
stabilize perineum
external anal sphincter
keeps anal canal and orifice closed
levator ani
tenses floor of pelvis, elevates and retracts anus

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