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California Vehicle Codes


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CVC 31
False Information to an officer.
CVC 2800(a)
Fail to obey lawful order/directive.
CVC 2800.1
Evading a peace officer in a motor vehicle.
CVC 4000(a)
Unregistered vehicle(expired registration).

CVC 4454(a)
Registration card not in vehicle.

CVC 4462(b)
Wrong registration or License plate.
(not issued to the particular vehicle,but is displayed)
CVC 5200
Two license plates required/one on the front and one on the rear.
CVC 5202
Operate vehicle without proper license plate display.

CVC 5204(a)
Tab violation:
Current Registration tabs not properly displayed.(month and year)

CVC 10751
Altered VIN number(removed, altered or destroyed)

CVC 10851(a)
Vehicle theft (permanently or temporarily deprive)

CVC 10855
Embezzled leased or rented vehicle.

CVC 12500
Unlicensed driver.

CVC 12951(a)
Driver's License not in possession.

CVC 14601(a)
Driving on a suspended or revoked license.

CVC 20001(a)
Hit and run with injury or death.

CVC 20002
Hit and run.(vehicle or property damage).

CVC 21453(a)
Red signal/failure to stop.

CVC 22348(b)
Excessive speed/driving over 100mph.

CVC 22349
Maximum speed limit/65mph

CVC 22350
Basic speed law(speeding)

CVC 22450
Failure to stop at a stop sign.

CVC 23103
Reckless driving.

CVC 23109
Speed contest/exhibition of speed.

CVC 23110
Throwing substance at a vehicle.

*Misdemeanor/Felony (with intent to cause great bodily injury).
CVC 23153
Driving under the influence(DUI)causing injury.

CVC 40508
Failure to appear.
CVC 23152(a)
Driving under the influence.

CVC 23152(b)
Driving under the influence (over 0.08%)

cvc 22108
turn signal- 100ft. before turn
cvc 22107
unsafe turn or failure to signal.(signal-only if another vehicle may be affected by the movement).
cvc 22110
signal lamps required.
cvc 24250
lights required after dark.
cvc 24252
required lighting devices maintained in good working order.
cvc 24400
headlamps required, one on each side of the car.
cvc 24600
tail lights required
cvc 24601
license plate lamp required.
cvc 27315
seat belt shall be worn.

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