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Farming that takes place on large scale farms with modern technology and owned by big companies.
What is Agribusiness?
An area in which people of many cultures have settled.
What is a Multicultural Region?
A large depression formed after a major eruption and collapse of a volcanic mountain.
What is a Caldera?
A narrow arm of land attached to a larger region.
What is a Panhandle?
An area near a tectonic plate boundary where molten magma from Earth's mantle rises under pressure through the crust
What is a hot spot?
The Pacific States of the U.S.A.
What are Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, & Washington?
The Pacific and North American tectonic plates meet and slip past each other causing a fault line.
What is the San Andreas Fault?

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This California city was founded in 1781 as a Spanish mission. It has problems with its infrastructure, smog, & frequent earthquakes.
Where is Los Angeles?
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The tallest mountain in Alaskan Range and in North America.
What is Mount McKinley or Mount Denali?

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This state was purchased from Russia in 1867 by U.S. Secretary of State, William H. Seward for $7.2 Million.
What is Alaska?
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This state's volcanic soils and tropical climate produce sugarcane and pineapples.
Where is Hawaii?
This state has a high cost of living due to its Trade Deficit ( imports 80% of all materials, energy, & food)
What is Hawaii?
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A depression formed after a major eruption and collapse of a volcanic mountain. It filled with water forming a lake.
What is Crater Lake?
The economies of these two states depend on open trade agreements and friendly relations with Pacific Rim of Nations.
Where is Oregon and Washington?
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This river drains a major basin, is the nation's largest producer of hydroelectric power and irrigates eastern Washington.
What is the Columbia River?

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