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American Literature--Chapter IV


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During the Age of Reason, who was at the center of the universe?
What were the three main subjects that the leading writers during the Age of Reason tended to write on?
science, ethics, government
Name two important characteristics of the Age of Reason.
moderation and order
To whom did the "religion of reason" appeal?
aristocratic and educated classes during 18th century America
During the Age of Reason, who was seen at the center of all religion?
Which Christians beliefs were accepted by those who were part of the Age of Reason?
only those that could be accepted by all men as truth
What did American poets during the Age of Reason emphasize in their poetry?
affairs on earth, not in heaven
Name of a private journal, kept in code and never meant for public consumption.
The Secret Diary of William Byrd
Name of work written to provide an example for the author's descendants
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Identfy the author of the following:
I wished to live without committing any fault at any time; I would conquer all that either natural inclination, custom, or company mightlead me into."
Benjamin Franklin
Identify the author of the following quote: "I read some Latin in Terence and had good health, good thoughts and good humor. Thank God Almighty. I said my prayers."
William Byrd
Name a work that is a good example of a Puritan spiritual autobiography.
A Personal Narrative
to teach about and to reveal the working of God's grace in his own life

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