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American Literature--Chapter I


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Who supported the ideas of plainness, divine mission, and grace?
Who came to America to find freedom to worship and the Promised Land?
Who believed in the importance of education in Colonial America?
Both the Puritans and the Gentlemen Planters
Which group of settlers lasted only about a century as a way of life but has persisted as an influence?
Who promoted political involvement in Colonial America?
gentlemen planters
Who settled in large plantations managed by a single family with the help of slaves in Colonial America?
Gentlemen Planters
Who used the plain style in Colonial America?
Who in Colonial America influenced Dickinson, Emerson, and Hemingway?
Three facts about president Ratcliff from The General History
1. He was unpopular.
2. His judgment was weak in times of peril.
3. He voluntarily turned over leadership to John Smith.
Three reasons Powhatan spared John Smith's life
1. Powhatan realized what a great man John Smith was.
2. Pocahontas had falled in love with Smith and wanted him for her husband.
3. Pocahontas bartered with her father for Smith's life.
Three reasons the President and some of the colonists tried to put John Smith to death
1. Smith had made an agreement with the Indians that the colonists felt was treasonous.
2. Smith had deposed Ratcliffe as the leader of the colonists.
3. Smith had confiscated company supplies for his own use.
How long did the journey to Virginia actually take Smith and the colonists?
Five months
What does Bradford say happened to the 'proud and profane' seaman who made
fun of the Puritans when they were sick during the voyage?
God made the seaman to fall ill and to be the first to die
What happened to John Howland?
He fell overboard, but because of divine deliverance, he managed to hold on to a rope until he could be hauled back on board ship.
How many Puritans died during the crossing of the Atlantic?
How did the Indians receive the Puritans?
The Indians were hostile but at the same time hesitant--skulking about in the trees, stealing tools.
Name three agreements the Puritans made with the Indians.
1. No Indian should injure any Puritan.
2. When the Indians came to see the Puritans, they should leave their bows and arrows behind them.
3. The Puritans and Indians would aid each other in times of war initiated by a third party.
Name three beliefs influenced by the Puritan concept of grace.
1. manifest destiny
2. the American dream
3. the American mission
Name three works of Puritan literature.
1. Magnalia Christi Americana
2. The Bay Psalm Book
3. The Day of Doom
Who was William Brewster?
A Puritan who survived the "starving time." Bradford points him out as having much compassion.
Who was Squanto?
An Anglicized Indian who helped to establish the treaty between the Puritans and the Indians
Who was George Cassen?
a Virginia colonist who told Indians where to find John Smith
Who was Myles Standish?
Captain and military commander of Plymouth colony who also showed great compassion
What is meant by divine mission?
Divine mission was one of the three basic Puritan beliefs. It portrayed America as a place especially appointed by God for the creation of a new Eden.
Smith's work that describes the founding of Jamestown
Name three essential elements of Puritanism.
1. Grace
2. Divine mission
3. Plainess in lifestyle (ex. dress, use of time, everyday living)
What did the term GRACE mean to the Puritan and how did it shape his life?
Grace was a powerful, irresistible force that was a gift from God that could neither be earned or escaped. Puritans believed that God's grace was present in all of life and they looked for evidence of it.

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