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Sterile Field
"I Expect Responsible Action Regarding Caring Individual"
"Assistants Move Against Superior Report"
2-1-2 drop
Fluid Management
"Have All Rabid Reindeer Increase I & O"
Vital signs
"Vital Woman Braves Ugly Creature's Song of Passion"
Abdominal assessment
"Potbellied Lover Listens For MR"
Comfort Management
"Any Observed Patient May Request comfort management"
Drainage Collection / Specimen Analysis
"All Collected Ice Melts Rapidly And Runs"
Enteral Feeding
"Rude People Burp & The Rich People Make Rightious Remarks"
"Some Times Pigs Raid Very Irrigated Radish Ranch"
" 5 Rolaids In An Abdomen Flush Rotten Roast" (rolaids - meds)
Musculoskeletal Management
"After Therapy Have Traction Released" (traction - musculoskeletal)
Neurological Assessment
"Can Open Fracture Put Eddie On Neuro Report"
Oxygen Management
"Rachel Calls O2 management Safe Practice Regarding Her First Room"
Pain Management
"She Believes Massage Relieves Painful Right Rib"
Patient Teaching
"Never Read In Unlit Room, Access Illuminated Room"
Peripheral Vascular Assessment
"Compare Cap Color To See More Reliable PVA"
Personal Cleanliness
"Privately Wash And Change Bed Covers
Respiratory Assessment
"Patient Is Lethargic. Observe Minimal Resp Status Per Stethoscope"
(to find a resp status you must do a resp assessment)
Respiratory Management
"Pulmonary Activity Done Correctly IS Per Successful Respiratory Regimen"
Wound and Skin Management
"All Injuries Can Acquire Drainage and Redness" (injury = wound)

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