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Chapter 1 - Stearns


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How long have the human species existed?
about 2-2.5 million years
What are the drawbacks to humans as a species?
Unusually agressive against their own
Babies are dependent for a long time
Back problems from upright posture
Awareness of inevitability of death
What are the good features of the human species?
Can manipulate objects easily
Have a high and regular sex drive - aids in reproduction
They're omnivores - can spread to more places
Distinctive human brain and facility for elaborate speech
How long was the Paleolithic?
Most of the 2 plus million years during which the species existed.
When did the Paleolithic end?
about 14,000 yrs ago
What did humans learn in technology during the Paleolithic?
only simple tool use, mainly through shaped rocks and sticks
When was fire tamed?
750,000 yrs ago
What happened to the species during Paleolithic?
more emphasis brought to erect stature and growing brain capacity.
When did Homo erectus emerge?
between 500,000 and 750,000 yrs ago
When and where did Homo Sapiens originate?
about 120,000 in Africa
What was it like in the hunting groups during the Paleolithic?
groups were small, people had to roam far for food
woman gathered fruits and vegetables
people didn't work too hard
there was equality between sexes because o equal amount of work
When and with who did speech develop?
Homo erectus about 100,000 yrs ago
What did people develop by later Paleolithic?
cultures, with rituals to lessen fear of death
What was the greatest achievement of the Paleolithic people?
The spread of the species all over the globe
What present-day countries did Homo sapiens originate in?
Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda
What were the key discoveries of the Paleolithic people?
fire and using animal skins for clothes
When did the first people move out of Africa?
about 750,000 yrs ago
When did the first people move across the land bridge from Siberia to Alaska?
believed to be about 30,000 yrs ago
When was the land bridge to Alaska eliminated and why?
about 8,000 BCE
because of warmer climate and rising ocean levels
When did the last great ice age end?
about 14,000 yrs ago
When was the Mesolithic period?
12,000 to 8000 BCE
What happened to technology during Mesolithic peroid?
people learned to fashion stome tools better ( sharpen and shape and make needles)
What were the dramatic developments of the Neolithic?
invention of agriculture
creation of cities

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