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Maine Laws 17A&29A as well as some Juvenile Law


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True or False, a Law Enforcement Officer can use deadly force to prevent a suicide??
True, Law Enforcement officers can use deadly force to prevent harm to themselves or a 3rd party (17A Section 107),or a person can if it is what it takes to stop the harm one could case to themselves (17A Section 106-6)
True or False, Probable Cause is defined in either 17A or 29A or both?
False it is only described in detmination of juvenile (Title 15 Section 3203-A-4A)
True or False, When driving you may sqeal your tires or slam on your breaks?
True, you may not make "unnecessary noise" so if a deer jumps in front of your car it is necessary to slam the breaks thus making a noise (29A Section 2079)
True or False, Passing a Road block is a misdeameanor and will be punished by a traffic ticket.
False, Passing a Road block is a Class C crime thus making it a Felony (29A Section 2314-4)
True or False, An accident prone driver is a driver who has caused or contributed to 3 or more accidents in the course of one year?
False, Defined an accident prone driver is a driver who has contributed to the cause of 3 or more accidents within a period of 3 consecutive years (29A-Section 1308-1)
True or False, The difference between furnishing and trafficking of drugs all lies in the amount and type of the drugs being used (marijuana may be an exception)??
False, The difference is the transfer of money. Trafficking involves the transfer of money for drugs and Furnishing is the giving away. (17A Section 1101-17-C & Section 1101-18-A)
True or False, A minor(in regards to liquor so any person under 21, that means an adult can still be considered a minor under liquor laws!!! but the rest of 17A says minor is under 18 years old same with juveniles and an adult is over 18 but anyway...)ca
False, a minor may not purchase liquor or imitation liquor. (28-A Section 2051-1A)
True or False, You pull over an 20 year old who is just leaving a friends house where there was a party and smell alcohol on his breath, you take him to the station and he blows a .03, you can not charge him with a crime because he is under the legal lim
False, you can charge him with a number of crimes OUI for one, the legal limit for a minor is .00, or you can charge him in violation of Title 28-A Section 2051-1B, consumption of liquor by a minor.
True or False, when acting Recklessly you act in a manner in which you are unaware of the risk you may cause?
False, by definition when you act Recklessly you "conciously disregard" the risk, it would be criminal negligence where you fail to be aware of a risk you may cause. (17-A Section 35-3A and 4A)
True or False, (more juvenile stuff)A juvenile is arrested for kidnapping and has hid his younger brother somewhere in your city you bring him in and start drilling him with questions...what you are doing is legal?
False, it will only be legal once you contact the juveniles legal guardian and they either show up or give consent to question, or you have made a reasonable effort to contact the guardian and it has failed then you may question him in the instance that criminal activity is continuing. (Title 15 Section 3203-A 2A)
True or False, A little bit of constitutional law for ya or sorts. When you arrest a person it is not required that you read them their Miranda rights.
True, Miranda rights are only required if you intend to question the individual.
True or False, Little bit of police procedure for ya too! You are wrestling around with a suspect and he reaches for your gun, you proceed by knocking him down to the ground and knocking him unconscious then you shoot him under the premise he went for yo
True, once the suspect is compliant (in this case knocked out) there is no legal right for you to shoot him at that time, he is done fighting and is not going for your weapon.
True or False, Police technicalities, There is a bad 10-55, a person is hospitalized and dies 31 days after the accident, is the accident is a fatal accident.
False, the accident is not a fatal accident if the person does not die within 30 days of the accident. If for instance a heart attack or stoke caused the accident it also is considered a non fatal accident.
True or False, An accident occurs a fender bender with $200 damage and one of the occupants of the two vehicles complains of a back injury that has occured during the accident, you write the report regardless of the dollar amount of damage sustained to t
True, any 10-55 with personal injuries involved is reported, otherwise the damage has to exceed $1000, property or vehicle.
True or False, The difference between an admission and a confession are the elements of the crime.
True, An admission admits to being present or there during the crime but leaves out certain elements of the crime, a Confession is admitting to the whole thing, every element is met and it establishes guilt.
True or False, Generally speaking....You go to Superior Court on a case and you dress in uniform and regular duty attire (gun, baton, pepper spray, and handcuffs ect ect.)you are NOT going to be asked to leave.
False, you are going to be asked to leave, the attire that is preferred by a Superior Court judge is business attire with NO GUN, NO UNIFORM, those both could be used as indirect persuasion of a jury. District court it would be ok to have your uniform on while there.
True or False, Maine has the lowest amount of police deaths (on duty).
False, Vermont has the lowest, Maine has 78 deaths in it's history of law enforcement.
True or False, Maine has the second highest per capita gun ownership in the U.S. with the 2nd lowest murder or accidental gun deaths.
True, Alaska is number one in both those categories.
True or False, Liquor proof percentage is determined by taking the amount of alcohol in a bottle and doubling it.
True, 100 proof is 50% alcohol!
True or False, BAL stands for Big Angry Lady!
False, Well it could but in police terms it is Blood Alcohol Level, which is figured by grams of alcohol per 100oz of blood.

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