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Env Sci 1401


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the circumstances and conditions that surround an organism or group of organism, the social and cultural conditions that affect an individual or community
environmental science
the study of our environment and our place in it. it is how we and other species interact with one another and with the nonliving environment.

it's how the parts of nature and human societies operate and interact
general truths tested through the scientific method
scientific method
an objective study of a problem which includes observation, hypothesis, development and testing, data gathering and interpretation
scientific theory
an explanation or idea accepted by a substantial number of scientists
approximate representations or simulations of real systems
utilitarian conservation
resources should be used for the greatest good, for the greatest number, and for the greatest time
Biocentric preservation
a philosophy that emphasizes the fundamental right of living organisms to exist and to pursue their own ends
modern enviromentalism
a fusion of conservation of natural resources and preservation of nature with concerns about pollution, environmental health, and social justice
global environmentalism
extention of modern environmentalism converns to global issues

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