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Health Knowledge Bowl - Safety - Set Four


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The absence of disease producing organisms or pathogens is the definition of ?
Why do you rub your hands together when you wash them?
friction helps remove pathogens from the surface of the skin
What are the two pathogens spread by blood and body fluids that health care workers are most concerned about?
Hepatitis B virus
Human immunodeficiency virus
What piece of equipment uses steam under pressure or gas to sterilize equipment and supplies?
If the wrap loosens or is torn on a reusable sterile item what must be done?
rewrapped and autoclaved again.
When using the ultrasonic method of cleaning, sound waves produce microscopic bubbles in the solution which explode when they strike the items being cleaned. This is known as what?
What is a disease called that can be transferred from one person to another, either directly or indirectly?
communicable disease
What is the name given to the method of caring for patients who have been diagnosed with an infection spread by the airborne mode of transmission?
respiratory precautions
What is defined as a poisonous substance?
What is the route by which organisms leave the body called?
portal of exit
What is the pathway by which a microorganism enters the body called?
portal of entry
What is an object contaminated with germs that acts as a vehicle of transmission from one person to another called?
What type of spread occurs by person to person transmission at a distance of approximately three feet or less called?
droplet spread
What term refers to microbes that are carried by moisture or dust particles in the air, which are inhaled?
What is defined as a person who has and may transmit the disease producing organism, yet does not exhibit any signs or symptoms of having the disease?
a carrier
What position should occupied patient beds be left in when leaving the room?
the lowest horizontal position
What portion of the hospital bed should IV lines, catheters and or protective devices never be attached to?
side rails
What should always be within the patient's reach, and is used by the patient to alert nursing staff of any need he or she may have?
call signal
When walking down a corridor or transporting a patient down a corridor what side of the corridor should the health care worker walk?
the right
When assisting the patient in any transfer, in what position should the wheels of the bed and transfer vehicle be placed?
In operating a fire extinguisher what do the letters PASS stand for?
P= pull the pin
A= aim the nozzle at the base of the fire
S= squeeze the handle
S= sweep back and forth along the base of the fire

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