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Health Knowledge Bowl - Safety - Set Three


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How long does the CDC recommend that you vigorously wash your hands?
10 seconds
What is a barrier between clean hands and potentially harmful body fluids and blood?
What is worn to prevent the inhalation of harmful airborne microorganism?
Class B fire extinguishers put out what type of fire?
oil or grease fires
When removing patients from the scene of a fire, what type of carry might be used to carry a child, young person or light weight adult?
cradle carry
Whenever possible, what should you do instead of lifting an object?
(any order) push, pull or slide
Do not use electrical cords that are:
(any order) frayed or damaged
Before using a bottle of solution, how many times should you read the label?
The third prong of an electrical plug is important. What is the purpose of the prong?
What type of substance do you find in a class C fire extinguisher?
potassium bicarbonate or potassium chloride
Discard needles and other sharp objects in what kind of a container after use?
puncture resistant
What is the percent of household bleach that can be used to decontaminate?
Items contaminated with blood or other body fluid must be placed in a container designated as what?
hazardous waste
What three elements must be present before a fire can start?
(any order) heat, fuel, oxygen
When using a fire extinguisher, you would direct the open end of the hose toward which area of the fire?
Health care workers are responsible for removing patients from the scene of the disaster and taking them to a safe area. You need to look for what color lights to indicate that it is an exit door to the outside?
Class A fire extinguishers would put out what type of fire?
(any order) paper, cloth, and wood
What chemical is contained in the combination fire extinguisher?
What important document is used in the health field to relay chemical hazard information from the manufacturer/importer to user management?
materials safety data sheet
The use of gloves, masks, gowns, glasses, eye shields, and aprons to protect an individual from exposure to blood borne pathogens is what type of protection?
Pathogenic microorganisms that are present in human blood and can cause disease in humans are called?
blood borne pathogens
A specific contact of eye, mouth, non-intact skin, or open area with blood or other infectious materials resulting from the performance of an employee's duties is the definition of what?
exposure incident
What muscles of your body should you use when lifting?
strongest muscles of the leg
What type of fire extinguisher leaves a residue of "snow" that can cause burns or eye irritation?
carbon dioxide
If the hands or other skin surfaces are contaminated with blood or body fluids, what should you do immediately?
wash with soap and water
What safety device should be used to transfer a patient or assist a patient to ambulate?
gait belt
On what type of fire is a class ABC fire extinguisher used?
all types
A rule of good body mechanics is if a patient or object is too heavy for you to lift alone, you should do what?
get help
Hazardous material should be kept where?
original container
When is handwashing done?
before and after every patient contact

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