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Health Knowledge Bowl - Safety - Set Two


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What is an infection that develops when a person is in a health care facility called?
nosocomial Infection
What set of protection guidelines is used to prevent exposure to blood and body fluids?
universal precautions
What is the process called that kills all microorganisms?
What personal protective equipment should be available to health care workers?
(any order) gloves, gowns, masks, goggles
All containers which contain contaminated materials or laboratory specimens should be labeled with what?
biohazard label
What classification of microorganisms are difficult to treat because they aren't affected by antibiotics?
What are bacteria that are found in the body but do not cause harm called?
normal flora
When should the health care provider practice universal precautions?
at all times, with all patients
What do the initials OSHA stand for?
Occupational Safety and Health Administration?
What do most health care facilities have in place to prepare for a potential disaster?
disaster-preparedness plan
What activity helps ensure that health care personnel respond effectively in the event of a disaster?
disaster drills on a regular basis
When referring to body mechanics, what does the term alignment mean?
relationship of various body parts to one another
What type of exercises are recommended for patients confined to bed?
range-of-motion exercises
What is the position of a patient in Fowler's position?
supine at 45-60 degrees
Name the most important intervention for falls?
In what population is the risk of injury from falls the greatest?
people over the age of 65
In what percentage of falls do fractures result?
1 to 4%
Following a hip replacement, the patient should be cautioned against what type of positioning of the legs?
What type of apparatus is frequently used to keep the hips/legs in proper position following hip replacement surgery?
abductor pillow
Following surgery, the patient is encouraged to regularly cough and deep breathe. Why is this so important?
prevention of pulmonary complications
How should a cast be supported for the first 72 hours following application to maintain proper shape?
on pillows
What type of sign should be conspicuously displayed when a patient is receiving oxygen?
no smoking
Why are such strict precautions taken against smoking or the use of electrical appliances near a person receiving oxygen?
oxygen supports combustion
What is the most common vehicle of transmission of the salmonella infection?
How is shigellosis spread?
fecal-oral route
What is the most common method by which microorganisms are transmitted from one person to another?
contact transmission
What is the most common site of nosocomial infection?
urinary tract
When care is given to a patient that could result in splashing of fluid, you should use?
protective eye wear
When you are likely to come in contact with blood or body fluids while working with a patient, what should you wear?
Personal Protective Equipment
When removing gloves, with one gloved hand, where do you grasp the glove on the other hand?

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