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Health Knowledge Bowl - Safety - Set One


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The way the body moves and maintains balance with the most efficient use of all its parts in a way that does not add undue stress is known as?
body mechanics
Keeping your feet 12-14 inches apart, placing one foot slightly forward, and pointing the toes in the direction of movement is how one maintains a____?
base of support
What is the main purpose of using Body Mechanics?
to prevent injury
When using proper body mechanics how should you pick up an object?
(any order)keep back straight, bend at hips and knees, keep object close to body
When you change the direction of your body, using proper body mechanics, you must do what?
pivot with your feet
What do loss of balance, unlighted hallways, wet floors, crib rails left down, and visual changes commonly cause?
accidents and falls
Smoking and electrical overload are common causes of what?
Decreased sensation to what increases the probability of burns in elderly clients?
temperature and pain receptors
In case of fire, what steps should you follow?
1) rescue any patient in immediate danger
2) pull alarm/announce fire
contain/close doors
extinguish the fire
In case of fire or natural disaster what is the first thing to keep in mind?
do not panic
Clients hoarding medications can lead to what problems?
What is your main concern with a client exhibiting an unsteady gait?
Why should a bed be kept in the low position, when you are not performing procedures?
to prevent falls
What is the primary reason for using protective devices?
to prevent the client from injuring themselves or others.
A client who is in protective devices complains of a tingling sensation, and the extremity is cool to the touch. What are these signs of?
impaired circulation
According to OBRA regulations, protective devices may only be used as a:
last resort
What protective device prevents clients from scratching themselves but gives the most freedom of movement?
hand mitts
What is the number one cause of fires in health care facilities?
In what order are clients evacuated from a facility during a fire?
1) ambulatory,
2) wheelchair,
3) bedridden
Why should a staff member stay with the clients after they have been evacuated?
to keep them from reentering the facility
An anti-septic control method that destroys pathogens but does not usually kill spores and viruses is:
What is the most effective procedure for controlling infection?
An area which is free of germs and contains materials and/or equipment that are free of germs is known as a?
sterile field
A health care worker contracts an infection after cleaning up soiled equipment without using proper personal protective equipment. This is an example of what mode of transmission?
indirect contact
Transmitting microorganisms by a patient touching the health care worker is an example of what mode of transmission?
direct contact
The disease producing power of a microorganism is called?
What is a person, animal, or plant which supports a parasite called?
Something which has been exposed to germs is considered:
Microbes that cause disease are called?
What is a person with low resistance or decreased immunity called?
susceptible host

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