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Health Knowledge Bowl - Legal - Set Two


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What is the legal term for a lawsuit?
What is defined as a cause of distress which justifies complaint or resistance?
As an employer, who may file a grievance against you?
a client or employee
What word defines the act of telling a friend about a client's condition, without the clients consent?
Breach of Confidentiality
What type of abuse includes humiliation, harassment, and threats of punishment?
emotional abuse
Burns in unusual locations, bruises resembling an object, or bruises on the upper arms may be signs of what?
physical abuse
An unkept appearance, pressure ulcers, or signs of dehydration are physical signs of what?
Soliciting money or items of value from a client before assisting with care is considered?
Acknowledging and adhering to client's rights is a health care worker's ___________?
legal responsibility
The medical record may be used in a court of law and is therefore considered what type of document?
legal document
When properly documenting a client's care, a health care worker would chart only what happens and not his or her opinions. This type of charting is called?
What document issued to a professional presupposes an obligation to practice to a minimum standard?
What is the medical term for "persistent vegetative state"?
neocortical death
Who is responsible for obtaining informed consent from the patient?
the physician
What is the first action which should be taken by a health care provider if a patient withdraws his/her consent for a procedure?
inform the physician
What term applies to the freedom from unwanted intrusions of other people?
What phrase defines the health care worker's obligations in specific areas of practice?
standard of practice
What is the name of the law which protects people from prosecution who voluntarily go to the aid of others in an emergency as long as the care provided is not reckless or intentionally harmful?
Good Samaritan Law
Generally, Good Samaritan Laws, offer protection as long as those carrying out the care act in what type of manner?
as a reasonable, prudent person
What are the two types of law?
criminal and civil
What term defines the obligation one has to make good for the loss or damage to something for which he or she is responsible?
What word describes the legal responsibility of an employer for the acts of an employee?
Respondeat superior
What two areas are dealt with by private law?
contracts and torts
What type of offenses are dealt with by criminal law?
those against the safety or welfare of the public
If a health care provider provides care beyond their education and the life of another is endangered, what type of negligence can be leveled against that person?
Gross negligence
What type of writing utensil should be used whne writing in the patient's medical record?
A non-erasable blue or black ink pen
When providing care to minor children, who does the health care provider obtain consent from?
minor's parent or legal guardian
What term illustrates the intentional deception to prevent a person from receiving what is lawfully his or hers?
What legal document states a person's wished regarding the disposition ofproperty following death?
A will
Name three classifications of criminal acts.
(any order) minor offenses, misdemeanors, felonies
Name the two parties involved in a lawsuit.
(any order) plaintiff and defendant

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