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Health Knowledge Bowl - Leadership and Professional Knowledge - Set Five


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What is a list of items to be covered in a meeting called?
What is the term that means to add to or delete something from a motion by another motion?
What is the term for a written vote, usually made in secret?
What does the abbreviation "NLSC " stand for?
National Leadership and Skills Conference
What is the act of getting together for a meeting or to call a meeting to order?
What is a discussion in which members present arguments for opposite sides of the issue?
What do you call permission to speak to the group?
to have the floor
What is a number greater than 1/2 of all the votes cast by the voting members?
What term means a formal proposal for action?
What is a statement made by a member to question a ruling or to enforce the regular rules?
point of order
What is a statement made by a member when that member believes it is time to vote on a motion?
call the question
What is a motion to postpone making a decision on a motion being discussed?
table the question
Which officer holds and explains the shield in the Opening Ceremony?
What is a voting method in which members rise to signify "yes" or "'no" on the motion?
standing vote
What is the written record of what is said and done during a meeting?
How many VICA regions are there in the U.S.?
What term refers to the formal guidelines used in conducting a meeting
parliamentary procedure
A special committee to consider a single matter or event is known as what?
Business left over from a previous meeting is considered what?
unfinished business
The first item on the agenda of a meeting is?
call to order
A written document of the principles and laws governing the operation of an organization is the definition of what?
The number of members that must be present for business meeting to be conducted legally is called what?
What is required after a motion has been made before it can be discussed?
a second
What officer of an organization notifies members of scheduled meetings, keeps and reads the minutes, files copes of committee reports and handles correspondence?
the secretary
What type of committee deals with regular and continuing matters of an organization such as professional development and ways and means?
standing committee
The word " parliamentary" comes from the French word "parler" which means what?
to speak
What is the official VICA dress for women in addition to the red VICA blazer, sweater, or windbreaker, the clear seamless hose, and black shoes?
(any order) white collarless blouse, black skirt or black dress slacks
Note: To save time you do not have to mention "or blouse with a collar that does not extend over the jacket lapels"
What is the official VICA dress for men in addition to the red VICA blazer, sweater, or windbreaker, and the black or cordovan shoes?
(any order) white dress shirt, black tie, slacks and socks
note: To save time you do not have to mention "tied in four-in-hand knot"
VICA 's program of work is made up of seven components. Name three of the seven.
(any three, any order), Professional Development, Community Service, Employment, Ways and Means, Skills USA Championships, Public Relations, Social Activities
Through a knowledge of our nation's heritage and the practice of democracy, what do VICA students develop?
Repute means to have a what?
good reputation
Established in 1979, this center serves as headquarters for National VICA and houses administrative offices, facilities for the publishing and distribution of leadership training materials and conference facilities.
The VICA National Leadership Center (be exact)
Name the two types of contests that can be conducted at the local level.
(any order) occupational skill contests, leadership contests

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