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Health Knowledge Bowl - Leadership and Professional Knowledge - Set Two


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A good employee demonstrates the ability to think and select an action without being told. What is the term for this characteristic?
An employee who demonstrates a positive attitude toward his or her boss and company and avoids negative comments is considered a/an ________ employee.
An employee who completes assignments without arguing, is willing to help others, follows directions and accepts constructive criticism, is considered a/an _____ employee?
An employer is responsible for providing employees a safe and clean environment and the equipment necessary for your job. Name a third employer responsibility to the employee.
paying an agreed salary
To make a positive first impression an applicant should exhibit a professional appearance and greet the prospective employer with what?
a firm handshake
How many years of education does it take to become a Licensed Practical Nurse?
9 to 18 months
What is written on an application form to show that you have not overlooked a question, but did not answer it because it did not pertain to you?
N/A (should be capitalized)
What term means that a person has fulfilled requirements of education and performance and meets the standard set up by a professional organization?
A process by which a regulatory body administers examinations and maintains a current list of qualified personnel is called:
What is the purpose of a letter of application?
to obtain an interview
What should you do before using anyone's name as a reference?
obtain permission
What should you do during a job interview if any question reflects any kind of religious, racial or sex discrimination?
politely decline answering
After the job interview, what should you do to indicate that you are still interested in the position?
send a thank you note
The amount of money available to you after deductions is called:
net income
The term that is used to show that you are willing to be held accountable for your actions is called what?
An employee who is prompt in reporting to work and maintains a good attendance record would be demonstrating what characteristic?
The minimum education requirement to become a Registered Dietitian is a _______ degree.
A Speech-Language Therapist requires what minimum education?
master's degree
What health professional operates the heart-lung machine used in coronary bypass surgery?
When employees are considered for promotions, the first question work-based supervisors ask is:
What qualifications does the person have?
A technique to effectively use time is called:
time management
Mental, emotional, or physical tension is called what?
When hiring a person for a job, the employer screens for applicants who demonstrate the qualifications needed to perform the job. These qualifications are called:
Periodicals containing articles of specialized information relating to specific professions are called what?
professional journals
Employers rely on individuals who are good decision makers, set a good example, and to whom fellow employees go for advice to place in positions of responsibility. They are looking for what quality in their employees?
Solving a disagreement or to successfully deal with friction is called what?
conflict resolution
A person who does not get paid and who serves or acts on his own free will is called a:
The direction or movement of job availability or employment needs is called what?
employment trend
A formal request for employment or a form used in making such a request is called a:
job application
Employees that come from environments where a language other than English is dominant and have sufficient difficulty speaking, reading, writing or understanding English are said to have:
limited English proficiency

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