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Health Knowledge Bowl - Communications - Set Four


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In the TQM process, who oversees the implementation of the Quality Master plan, allocation of resources, and quality improvement progress?
quality council
Name three tools typically used by TQM teams.
(any order) flow charts, fishbone diagrams, storyboards
A group of people joined in a cooperative activity are called a what?
Understanding that different departments have different goals, what would be the most important tool needed to achieve team unity?
A common reason for a person to lose a job is because of what?
failure to be a team player
What is breaking down old corporate barriers and allowing information to be shared instantly across departments, thus improving teamwork?
Having integrity and a keen sense of right and wrong or adherence to principles considered right is an important aspect for every team member. This is called what?
You need to develop special skills to cope with differing opinions and ideas when you are part of a team. A positive process of reaching a mutual agreement is called what?
To help a disadvantaged student be part of a team, other team members might do what?
volunteer to be a peer tutor
When working with a visually impaired team member what should you do when initiating a verbal message to make him or her realize you are addressing him or her?
call the person by name
A person who guides the team is called the team:
A team member who constantly annoys and disturbs other team members is said to be:
Cultural diversity refers to the blending of many people from different cultures who are involved in a like activity or setting. Name four differences that might be exhibited.
(any four of the eight, in any order is acceptable)gender, race, age, religion, ethnicity, dress, politics, diet
A process that emphasizes continuous improvement with regards to quality production and customer satisfaction is called what?
total quality management
Every team member has distinguishing features or qualities. These are called:
A team member who relates well to others, responds appropriately as the situation requires, and takes an interest in what others say and do is said to be:
The impression a person makes on others is called:
Having a professional standing, techniques, attributes or ethics as an individual or in a team is said to show one's:

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