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Baking and Food Science


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___teaspoon in a Tablespoon
Number of Tablespoons in a Cup?
1 stick of butter is equal to
1/2 cup
1/4 cup equals
4 Tablespoons
The proper procedure for measuring flour is...
Stir, spoon, and level
The two dry measuring cups needed to measure 3/4 cup flour are...
1/2 and 1/4
Baking powder is a combination of...
baking soda and cream of tartar
The second stage of beating egg whites is called...
soft peak stage
Brownies are an example of which type of cookie...
bar cookies
The purpose of sugar in baked goods is to...
add flavor and help brown
Puff pastry is leavened by...
The purpos of fats in pie pastry is to...
add flavor
add flakiness
add tenderness
When rolling out the bottom piecrust, the crust should be rolled ___ inch(es)
larger than the pie pan
The best water temperature to activate yeast is...
110 to 125 degrees
An example of yeast bread is...
cinnamon rolls
Over mixing muffins causes...
The type of flour with the least amount of gluten is...
Cake flour
All of the following are examples of grains except:
a. lentils
b. quinoa
c. couscous
d. kasha
When measuring liquid the best method to check for accuracy is to...
set on level surface and bend down to that level
The cooking term "cut-in" applies to which two ingredients...
Fat and flour
A baker's formula is different than a recipe because...
* it is exact
* the food comes out the same way every time
* QSR is used in the formula
The cooking term "cream" means to...
beat until fluffy
The purpose of a whisk is to...
whip foods together
The purpose of a spatula is to...
Level foods when measuring
The danger zone refers to which temperatures?
40 to 140 degrees
The best water temperature to use for handwashing is...
very warm
In the HACCP plan, a CONTROL POINT is...
any step in the food's flow where a hazard can be controlled
The purpose of OSHA is protection for
the customer
A grease fire should NEVER be extinguished with...
The cooking term "fold-in" means to...
Combine ingredients with very gentle movements
The best way to treat a burn is to...
run cool water over the burn.
The total amount of time foods can safely remain at room temperature is...
Two hours
When properly mixed, muffin batter should be...
The number of tablespoons in one cup is...
Baker's scales measure...
When 3/4 cup is doubled the quantity will be...
1 1/2 cups
the purpose of kneading is...
develope the gluten
An example of a flat bread is
An example of a savory pie is...
Browning sugar with heat is called...
Chocolate chip cookies are examples of...
drop cookies
______ forms the structure in baked products
The egg whites become glossy in the _____ stage of beating egg whites
stiff peak
In cake decorating, __________ influences the size of the shapes
pressure control
White chocolate does not contain...
When figuring profit and loss of producing a product, the _____ needed to make the product should be considered.
The _____ method of mixing includes kneading a few times.
biscuit method
Foam cakes include the use of ______ for flavor.
How do you melt chocolate?
On low heat, stirring constantly.
HACCP stands for...
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Plan.
OSHA stands for
Occupational Safety and Health Alliance.
Is a sharp or dull knife safer?
Can steam burn the skin?

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