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Describe the structure of Polio virus.
-Acid stable
What is the Viropexis?
Endocytic property that facillitates the energy dependent process of penetration and uncoating.
99% of polio infx are subclinical.
True and only a minority of cases develop into aseptic meningitis, even fewer into paralytic polio.
What is Progressive Post-Poliomyelitis muscle atropy? What is this do to?
-25-40% of earlier infxs suffer additional muscular degeneration - yrs later.
-Not due to persistence of virus, rather effect of aging.
Where is the site of the primary replication of polio? Primary viremia?
-Oropharynx mucosa, tonsils and lymph nodes of neck.
-Viremia in Peyers Patches and mesenteric lymph nodes.
Two ways paralysis can occur?
-direct destruction of neurons by virus or
-edema induced damage.
3 ways we see polio infx in US.
-Immunocompromised vacinnee
-grandparent with dec. imm., changes recently vaccinized baby.
3 advantages of IPV
-IPV can be incorporated with multiple vaccines.
-excludes potential for mutations.
-Can be used in immcompromised patients.
-Reduces spread of live polio.
3 disadvantage of IPV
-Repeat boosters are required.
-No local intestinal immunity.
3 advantages to OPV.
-Confers both humoral and intestinal imm.
-Imm may be life long.
-Quickly induces Abs.
3 disadvantages of OPV.
-Virus might mutate.
-Vaccine can spread virus to others and environment.
-Can't give to immunosuppressed.
Starting from the 70s, tell the story of the polio vaccine.
OPV was implemented in the 70s and after several cases of polio each year, IPV was re-implemented in 2000.

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