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Rapid test to detect H. pylori:
E. coli toxin that is cholera-like, increases adenylate cyclase/cAMP via ADP ribosyl transferase activity that stimulates Gs
Heat Labile (HT) toxin
E. coli toxin that activates guanlyate cyclase/cGMP, hypersecretion of Cl
Heat Stable (ST) toxin
Antigens of Enteric bacteria:
Exotoxins (O antigen). Capsule (K antigen), flagella (H antigen), pili (fimbriae)
Causes enteric fever
colonies isolated from a vet student show motile rods with H2S, non fermenter of lactose. suspect?
salmonella enteritidis
ADP ribosylates Gs, adenylate cyclase is over-active in the small intestine
Vibrio cholerae
Photographer from National Geographic in Thailand presents with fever, cramps, hemorrhagic mucosa, & diarrhea. Culture reveals bug that is Lac -, doesnÂ’t make H2S, isnÂ’t motile
Shigella dysenteria
Mechanism by which shigella causes cell damage:
cleaves rRNA w/ inhibition of 60S protein synthesis
produces hemorrhagic mucosa in the distal colon
Shigella dysenteriae

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