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Alaska Drivers Manual


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What do you do after an accident?
Stop and pull off to the side, warn other traffic with flares. Help anyone who is hurt, but do not move injured person(s) unless necessary, call ambulance if needed. Stop serious bleeding and keep victim(s) warm. Obtain name, address, driver's license number, license plate number, telephone number, and name of insurance company. Also obtain as many witnesses as possible. If property damage or personal injury is over 2000 dollars contact police if in a municipality or Alaska State Troopers if not. Cooperate with officers. Mail report to the DMV within 10 days if not investigated by peace officer. Certificate is required for property damage of 501.00 or more
What do you do if you strike an unattended vehicle?
Contact owner or leave a note with name, address, and telephone.
What do you do if your name or address changes?
You must notify the DMV within 30 days
What is the maximum concentration of alcohol on your breath?
7 percent
What are the penalties of DWI when caught for the first time?
First Conviction 250-5000 dollar fine, 72 hours to a year in jail and 90 days or more of revocation of licenses
... second time?
500-5000 dollars, 20 days to 1 year in jail, 1 year licenses revocation, and possible forfeiture of vehicle used.
... third conviction?
1000-5000 dollars, 60 days to 1 year, revocation of licenses for 3 years or more, and possible forfeiture of vehicle
... fourth conviction?
2000 to 5000 dollars, 120 days to 1 year in jail, revocation of licenses for five years, and possible forfeiture of vehicle
... fifth conviction?
3000 to 5000 dollars, 240 days to 1 year, revocation of license for 5 years and possible forfeiture of vehicle
... sixth or more?
4000 to 5000 dollars, 360 to 1 year in jail, not less than 5 years revocation of licenses and possible forfeiture of vehicle
If three or more offenses occur within 10 days of each other what happens?
Guilty for 10 years of a Class C felony, not less than 5000 dollars, not less than 120 days in jail, a revocation of license for not less then 3 years and also possible forfeiture of vehicle
What happens if you hit a large animal?
The animal is the states and the person must inform State Troopers or Wildlife officer as soon as possible
What should you do when backing?
Turn around with left hand on wheel and look out rear window, move the wheel in the direction that you want your REAR to move. Always yield to other people or vehicles and it is suggested that you do not go over 5 mph.
What should you do as a bicyclist?
obey traffic signs, signals, and all other traffic laws. Be alert of traffic
How much does a vehicles striking power and braking distance change when sped up?
Divide the speed you are going by the speed you were going and that is how many times the striking power and braking distance has changed.
What should you do when changing lanes?
Use mirrors, check blind spots, signal and change slowly and gradually.
What are the penalties for driving without a seat belt?
50 dollars on the second offense for a person under 16 and 15 dollars for a person over 16. A person may give the fine to the Emergency Medical Services instead of the police.

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