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Advertising 2


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What is a basic ad?
Simplist kind of ad.
What kind info. does basic ad gives?
-Where it's sold?
-What it costs?
-What it is?
What kind of ad appeals to your senses?
Sensory Appeal
What kind appeals does sensory appeal uses?
What is nostalgia?
Feeling of how good life was in th past.
What kind of ad is happy family?
It tries to say that your family will be as happy as this one if you buy this product.
What kind of ad is "an expert says..."?
It's th kind od ad when an exprt says that this product is good.
Why do pople buy when an famous person says?
They want to have something common with the famous person.
What are thy trying to tell you on "everybody likes..." ad?
They are trying to tell that "our product is so popular, you will like it-- don't be left put!
WHat kind of appeal does snob appeal use?
Appeal to the wish to be, or feel rich, to be better than others.
What do symbols ads do? Give some examples of symbol ads?
Quick way to give a message.
-Frosted FLakes
-Captain Crunch
What kind of suggestion do romantic appeal give?
Suggest that you can be more popular or good looking if you just use the product.
What do they admit on humble approach?
Company admits that they're not #1, but they are trying hard to get there.
WHat kind od ads fit in " COncern of public goods" ads?
WHat does statistics tell?
Take a survey to present how well liked or ussed your product.
A company that uses an ad agency--a customer.
Ad Agency
Expert who know the bestways to advertise a product.
Findout whatever they can about the product and what people think about it.
Pictures that ar drawn with words to show exactly what happens in each scene.
Production Company
Get the studia, rent props, do filming
person in charge of filming the commercials
Looks at all the film, chooses best takes, and puts commercial together.
Writers and artists
Come up with ideas for ads
Casting Director
Contacts Actors and actresses for commercial.

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