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lipids 2


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definition of a lipid
small, water insoluble molecule that is soluble in organic non-polar solvents
2 major roles of lipids
-major structural component of membranes

-major store of energy
what are the two classes of lipids
-simple lipids (don't contain fatty acids, like cholesterol).

-complex lipids (do contain fatty acids, like TAG's and Phosphatides
What type of bond links fatty acids to complex lipids?
ester or amide links
what types of cells are TAG's in?
ADIPOSE - fat cells
what is the role of Phosphatides?
MEMBRANE lipid components
what is the backbone of
what does a TAG consist of?
-Glycerol backbone
-3 Fatty acid tails
What does a Phosphatide consist of?
-Glycerol backbone
-2fatty acid tails
what does the term amphipathic refer mean, and what does it refer to?
the fact that phospholipids are both polar and nonpolar in different areas.
what are the two major components of a BIOMEMBRANE?
proteins and lipids
what percentage of lipid structure is composed of carbohydrates, and in what two forms?
2 to 10%

What are glycolipids
Sugar-containing lipids.
What 3 kinds of membranes have varied proportions of lipids/proteins?
-protein-rich: mitochondrial (proton pumps)
-lipid-rich: myelin sheath - neurons - very insulating.
-equal parts: like plasma membrane
what is the percentage composition of a myelin membrane?
75% lipid
25% protein
what is the percentage comp. of inner mitochondrial membrane?
-75% protein
-25% lipid
what type of membrane has equal parts lipid/protein
plasma membrane (cell membranes!!!)
what types of lipids are often zwitterions?
-PHOSPHITIDATES - cuz they have the alcohol component, which can be from like a serine or amino acid.
what types of aggregates do
-fatty acids form
-phosphatidates form

-lipid bilayers
2 Ways proteins associate with lipid bilayer:
-Integral proteins

-peripheral proteins
What does the Fluid Mosaic Model propose:
proteins diffuse within plane of the lipid bilayer but do not flip in it.
what is the role of peripheral proteins?
attach to lipid bilayer surface:
-noncovalent bond to integral proteins
-lipid tether
what is the role of integral proteins
most extend all the way through the membrane. make contact with hydrophobic interior of membrane.

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