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Astronomy chapter 19 test


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where did aristarchus study?
aristartcus calculated the distance between the moon___ and ___.
moon and the earth
name the 5 elements
eather, earth, air, fire, water
The earth is surrounded by_______.
What are the eight spheres?
moon, sun, stars, planets
Aristotle believed the seasons were caused by, what?
when the sun was higher or lower in the sky
what is a geocentric model
Aristotle's idea about the earth as the center of the universe
Who suggested a theory that the sun was the center of the universe?
The planets revolve around the ________.
what is the heliocentric model?
the theory that the sun is the center of the universe
What did Aristarchus believe night and day were caused by?
the earth's rotation on its axis
Aristarchus believed the sun was ___ and _____ away than thought before.
farther away and larger
Who had similar ideas to Aristotle?
Ptolemy belived the ______ moved around the earth
what was hipparchus called?
the greatest astronomer of antiquilty
were did hipparchus build his observatory?
Anaxagoras said the moon had ____, ____, and _______.
revines, mountains, and valleys
What is astronomy?
the study of the planets, stars, adn everything in space
What is retrograde motion?
when a planet aparently goes foreward then backwards then forwards again
describe celestial
of or relating to the sky or the heavens
what is geocentric?
the earth being the center of the universe
what is heliocentric
when the sun is the center of the universe and the earth goes around the sun
describe astrolabe
an instrument that was used to to determine the altitude of the sun and other celestial objects
what is gnomon
an object like a sundial that projects a shadow.
what is rotation?
the act or process of turning around
describe revolution
spinning on it's axis
what is aparentmotion
when an object apears to be moving because another object is moving
Aristarchus said mars varies in ____ because sometimes it's closer to the earth.
say the lines on the planet in order from north to south.
artic circle, tropic of cancer, equator, tropic of capricorn, and antartic circle
how many days in one year
planets wander in and out of stars
the star patterns, or constellations, change shape from night to day
the moon is closer to the earth than the sun is
the only time you can see the moon is at night
we always see the same side of the ____.
when is your shadow the shortest
the first day of summer at noon
each day the sun rises due east and sets due west

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