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Bible Facts II


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How many times did ravens bring food to Elijah?
What is the first place with a name in the Bible?
Garden of Eden
Fifty thousand and seventy men were once struck dead because the looked into what?
Ark of the Covenant
How old does the Bible say most men live to be?
Which disciple received the key to heaven from Jesus?
What other name for Jacob is also the name of a country?
John the Baptist said Jesus would baptize with two things; one was fire, what was the other?
the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost
What are the Euphrates, Tigris, and Jordan?
In what cidy did God begin the many different languages?
How many younger brothers did the Old Testament Joseph have?
Three disciples saw Jesus talk to Moses and Elijah; Peter and John, who was the third?
How many pieces of silver did Judas throw into the temple?
Who paid Judas thrity pieces of silver to betray Jesus?
A Priest
What is the longest chapter in the New Testament?
Luke 1
What is "a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path"?
God's Word
What relative of Sarah was Esau?
Name the mother of Jacob.
Name Jacob's first wife.
Who betrayed someone for 1,100 pieces of silver?
What kind of wood did God tell Noah to make the ark out of?
Who earned a wife by killing 200 Philistines?
What color was Esau's hair?
Whose eyes did the Philistines put out?
Who was the most famous brother of James and John?
What Jewish ruler visited Jesus secretly at night?
What did Satan try to get Jesus to jump off?
How many plagues did Moses bring upon Egypt?
Who married a girl who used to pick grain behind his workmen?
What did God offer Solomon in a dream?
Anything he wanted.
In what city did Jesus perform his first known miracle?
Who called to Moses from a burning bush?
What relative of Joseph was Benjamin?
His brother
Who was tempted to turn stones into bread?
Who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah?
Name the king who had John the Baptist killed?
Who were Andrew, Thomas, and Bartholomew?
Disciples of Jesus
Who wrote more books of the Old Testament than any other person?
Who warned Jesus about the smell of a dead body?
Who is most famous in the Bible for patience?
Name the first son of Adam.
How many people did Samson kill with a donkey jawbone?
One thousand
Out of what did God make man?
Name the father of Ishamael.
Who had a coat of many colors?
God loves a cheerful what?
Who had 700 royal wives.
Who was the next queen after Vashti?
Where is the best place to keep God's Word?
In your heart
How many times did Jesus ask Peter, "Do you love me?"
three times
Where was Philip from?
Bethsaida (John 1:44)
A rainbow, glowing like an emerald, encircled what in Revelation?
the throne (Revelation 4:3)
Whose O.T. body did Michael and the devil argue over?
Moses (Jude 9)
Who first traveled with Paul?
Barnabas (Acts 13:7)
What great king of Israel was quoted at Pentecost?
David (Acts 2:25)
Did Jesus pay taxes?
Yes (Matthew 17:25-27)
What city did Dorcas live in?
Joppa (Acts 9:40-43)
Where was Paul when he saw the inscription "To the Unknown God"?
Athens (Acts 17:21-23)
Who did Paul say should be fed with milk?
Baby Christians (1 Cor. 3: 2-3)
Who said he was happy with little or with much?
Paul (Philippians 4:11)
Are there such people as Jewish Christians?
Yes (Gal. 2:16)
What did a woman who had been ill for twelve years think she needed to do to be healed?
Touch the edge of Jesus' garment (Mark 9:21)
What happened to the fig tree when Jesus told it to never bear fruit again?
It withered and died (Matthew 21:19)
Whose example did Jude say the wicked people followed?
Cain (Jude 11)
What was the field where Judas died called?
Field of Blood (Matthew 11:19)
Who was called a glutton and drinking man by the crowds?
Jesus (Matthew 11:19)
At the Ascension of Jesus, who were addressed as "The men of Galilee"?
The disciples (Acts 1:11)
How many followers did Theudas have?
Four hundred (Acts 5:36)
To what did Jesus change Simon's name?
Peter (John 1:42)
Who called out to Jesus when he said, "What do you want me to do for you"?
Two blind men (Matthew 20:33)
Where did Onesimus go when he ran away from Philemon?
Rome (Philemon 10)
Why was Jesus called a Sabbath breaker?
He healed people on the Sabbath. (John 5:15-16)
Who were called "foolish" by Paul?
Ananias (Act 9:11-12)
What can be summed up on one command?
The whole law (Galations 5:14)
What two men were called "swifter than eagles, stronger than lions"?
Saul and Jonathan (2 Samuel 1:23)
For how long did Joseph throw his brothers in jail?
Three days (Genesis 42:17)
What was the name of Hosea's third child?
Lo-ammi (Hosea 1)
For how many days Ezekiel told to lie his right side?
Forty (Ezekiel 4:6)
What land was once called "The land that God forgot" and then was renamed "The land of God's delight"?
Jerusalem (Isaiah 62:1-4)
Who did Gehazi secretly accept gifts from?
Naaman (2 Kings 5:26)
What O.T. king was troubled by a tormenting spirit?
King Saul (1 Samuel 16:14)
Who said, "Even wisdom is futile"?
Solomon (Ecclesiastes 1:15)
How old was Abraham when he was circumcised?
Ninety-nine (Genesis 17:24)
According to Jewish law, what was not to be used in flour offerings?
Yeast (Leviticus 2:11)
Who left Titus on the island of Crete?
Paul (Titus 1:5)
What is the Lord not slow about doing?
Returning (2 Peter 3:9)
Who buried John the Baptist?
His disciples (Matthew 14:12)
How long did Mary visit her cousin Elizabeth?
Three months (Luke 1:56)
Who was Jehoshaphat's grandfather?
Abijah (Matthew 1:7)
Who was the first to drink some of the wine that Jesus had made from water?
The master of ceremonies (John 2:7-8)
How long had Lazarus been in his tomb, when Jesus came to him?
Four days (John 11:17)
Jesus was pierced with a what?
Spear (John 19:34-37)
Who left Paul to go to Thessalonica?
Demas (2 Timothy 4:10)
Who said, "Freely you have received, freely give"?
Jesus (Matthew 10:8)
What sect did Nicodemus belong to?
The Pharisees (John 3:1)
What did the Lord say he would do with the lukewarm church in Laodicea?
"I will spit you out of my mouth." (Rev. 3:14-16)
What did Jesus tell his disciples to do if their hands caused them to sin?
"cut it off." (Mark 9:43)
Who joined Paul and Silas in Lystra?
Timothy (Acts 16:1-3)
What prophet foretold that Jesus would be born in Bethelehem?
Micah (Matthew 2:4-6)
How did people know that Jesus was sent by God?
By the miracles He did (John 3:2)
How many times did Peter deny Jesus?
Three (Luke 22:61)
To which governor did Paul say, "I appeal to Caesar"?
Festus (Acts 25: 9, 11)
Jesus was amazed at the faith of whom?
The Roman centurion (Matthew 8:10)
To what eloquent Jew did Priscilla and Aquila teach the way of God?
Apollos (Acts 18:26)
The stone that was rejected by the builders has become the _________.
Cornerstone (1 Peter 2:7)
Under whose curse does Paul tell the Ephesians they once were?
God's (Ephesians 2:1)
Who did Jesus see under the fig tree?
Nathanel (John 1:48)
How long did Jesus' parents search for him when he stayed behind at the feast?
Three days (Luke 2:46)
What people became slaves because two of their men lied to Joshua?
The Gibeonites (Joshua 9:22-27)
Each year Hannah rtook something to her son Samuel at the temple. What was it?
A coat (1 Sam 2:19)
Who is the lawmaker and judge?
God (James 4:12)
What did Jesus and Peter do to defy gravity?
Walked on water (Matthew 14:25-29)
Revelation speaks of a lake of what?
Fire (Rev. 20 15)
At what town was Paul stoned?
Lystra (Acts 14:8)
What was Simon Peter's occupation?
Who wsa told to be examined by a priest?
A leper (Mark 1:43)
What city did Cornelius live in?
Caesarea (Acts 10:24)
How long had Elizabeth been pregnant when the angel spoke to Mary?
Six months (Luke 1:36)
How shows people the sin?
The Law (Romans 7:7)
In Acts, Peter healed a man that had been what since birth?
Crippled (Acts 4:10)
What surprised the officer who arrested Paul in Jer5usalem?
Paul spoke Greek (Acts 21:37-38)
What were the disciples to do with their feet if they weren't welcome in a city?
Wipe the dust off (Luke 10:11)
In what city did Zacchaeus live?
Who were James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas brothers of?
Jesus (Matthew 13:55)
Where did Paul send Timothy and Erastus while he stayed in Turkey?
Greece (Acts 19:22)
Why did Felix keep Paul bound in chains in prison?
To gain favor with the Jews (Acts 24:27)
Who makes us ready for heaven?
God (Romans 1:17)
What four gifts did Jonathan give to David?
His robe, belt sword and bow (1 Sam 18:4)
What king pouted because he failed to obtain a vineyard?
Ahab (1 Kings 21:4)
Who was Rachel's servant girl?
Bilhah (Genesis 29:29)
What did God want the Israelites to wholeheartedly obey?
His laws (Deut. 26:18)
Who was almost blind just before his death?
Isaac (Genesis 27:1)
Who could be called the great hunter of the Bible?
Esau (Genesis 25:25)
What type of wood did Noah use when he buyilt the Ark?
Gopher wood (Gen. 6:14)
How many elders did Moses appoint to help him share the load of dealing with the Children of Israel?
Seventy (Number 11:16-17)
What three young men had a father who was five hundred years old?
Ham, Shem, and Japeth or the sons of Noah (Gen. 5:32)
What is the name of the Bible character whose handerchiefs were used to heal people?
Paul (Acts 9:11-12)
What is the name of the man who was called "The Supplanter"?
Jacob (Genesis 27:36)
What relationship was Mardecai to Esther?
Cousin (Esther 2:5-7)
What is the name of the boy who was sent out into the desert to die with his mother?
Ishmael (Genesis 16:15)
What is the name of the man who offered thirty changes of garments for solving a riddle?
Samson (Judjes 14:12)
Who asked for the head of John the Baptist and got it?
The daughter of Herodias (Matthew 14:6)
Which one of Joseph's brothers said, "Let us not kill him"?
Reuben (Genesis 37:21)
What Bible character used salt to purify drinking water?
Elisha (2 Kings 2:20)
What was Lot's relationship with Abraham?
Abraham's nephew (Genesis 12:5)
Shem is to Noah as David is to whom?
Jesse (son to father) Genesis 5:32
Which came first: the Tower of Babel or the Flood?
The Flood (Genesis 7-9; Genesis 11)
How old was Joseph when Pharaoh made him a ruler?
Thirty years old (Genesis 41:46)
There are two orders of angels. What are they?
Cherubim and Seraphim (Gen. 3:24; Isaih 6:2)
Name the man who kept some of the spoils after the Battle of Jericho and brogh punishment to Israel.
Achan (Joshua 7:1)
There was a very rich man who was a disciple of Jesus; who was he?
Joseph of Arimathea (Matthew 27:57)
What was the name of the queen who was thrown out of a window?
Jezebel (2 Kings 9:30)
What was the name of the city where King Ahasuerus lived?
Shushan (Esther 1:2)
David is to a sling as Samson is to a what?
The jawbone of an ass (1 Sam. 17; Judges 15)
How many times did Noah send the dove from the Ark?
Three (Gen. 8:8)
Who had shoes that lasted for forty years and did not wear out?
The Children of Israel (Deut. 29:5)
What is named of the father who had two daughters married to the same man?
Laban (Gen. 29:16)
How many years were the Israelites in bondage as slaves?
400 (Genesis 15:13)
King Solomon had how many wives?
700 (1 Kings 11:1)
Name the two men who entertained angels unawares.
Abraham and Lot (Genesis 18 and 19)
What was the name of the prophet who was swept away by a whirlwind?
Elijah (2 kings 2:11)
The Sabeans took his oxen and his donkeys; the lightning killed his sheep; the Chaldeans stole his camels; and his servants were killed. To whom did all these things happen?
Job (Job 1)
Who dreamed about a ladder which reached up to heaven?
Jacob (Gen. 28:10)
To whom were the following words addresssed: "Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee"?
Abram (Gen. 12:1)
What Bible character was called "The Glooming Prophet"?
Jeremiah (Jer. 25:11)
What is the name of the first of the twelve disciples to be murdered?
James (Acts 12:1)
David the shepherd was how old when he became king of Israel?
30 years (2 Sam. 5:4)
Who owned dishes that were pure gold?
King Solomon (1 Kings 10:21)

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