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A New Type of State and Citizen


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Mazzini's Italian republic was short-lived because
Italy needed trained soldiers to fight Austria.
In spite of their differences, Garibaldi and Cavour came to an agreement regarding
Victor Emmanuel's role as king of Italy.
The idealistic goal of Mazzini and Garibaldi was the
unification of Italy.
. France did not favor the unification of Germany because
unification would affect the balance of power in Europe.
The most likely reason for the Austrian Empire's lack of interest in a united Germany was that
it was interested in remaining friendly with France.
What region belongs to the North German Confederation?
The rise of socialism in Germany could be most directly attributed to
the industrialization of Germany.
Bismarck's political idealism is an example of
Following the Crimean War, the Ottoman Turks
attempted a series of reforms
The basis of the problems faced by Russian peasants in the 1800s was that
they were tied to the land
In its attempts to industrialize during the nineteenth century, the major weakness of the Russian Empire was the
goals of the revolutionaries.
A factor that helped contribute to widespread revolts against Spanish rule in South America was
Napoleon's invasion of Spain.
The independence movement in what is today called Mexico began as a result of
Napoleon's invasion of Spain.
The Creoles attempted to establish an anti-reform government under the leadership of
Agustfn de Iturbide
In the battle Simon Bolívar led against the Spanish in 1819,
many of his followers died, but he won the battle.
President Monroe proposed the Monroe Doctrine to
discourage the European colonization of the Americas.
Beginning in 1808 successful Latin American independence movements were led by
upper-class Creoles
The Portuguese colony in which the Portuguese king temporarily moved his court is the country of
emancipation of the Russian serfs in 1861 meant for many people that they
had to pay for the land on which they lived.
The Will of the People was
a Russian organization that assassinated many people.
What group of American revolutionaries opposed giving a lot of political power to the peninsulares?
In the 1810 uprising led by Father Hidalgo, Hidalgo sought to gain the involvement of the
mestizos and Indians.
As Mexico modernized, the rich Creoles modeled their developing culture after
European culture.
Many Latin Americans turned from the Church after the revolutions because
the Church supported the Spaniards during the Revolution.
The Latin American wars for independence left a legacy of leadership in which
dictators ruled.
The relations between Creoles and those of Indian or African descent can be described as being
one in which Creoles occupied all of the highest positions and looked down on other groups.
What three European countries were faced with multi-ethnic populations that became nationalistic and wanted independence?
Russia, Austria, and the Ottoman Empire
Miguel Hidalgo's appeal to the masses caused him to lose the support of the important
Emperor Maximilian's control over Mexico was supported and maintained by the presence of troops from
The wars of independence in Latin America created a need for capital to rebuild and modernize, which was provided by
foreign investments.

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