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CJD 730


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A police identification technique whereby people are lined up for inspection and possible identification is called a ______.
Line Up
List the requirements of a line up.
A) 5-6 people
B) same sex, race, and approx age
C) similar height, weight, build, and hair coloring
D) approx same clothing
E) accused should be in line-up at random
List some requirements for conducting a photographic line-up.
A) 5-6 photos used
B) give proper line-up instructions
C) maintain control of the situation
D) use photos that look like accused
E) use photos of people in similar poses.
What is the role of counsel at the line-up?
A) limited to observing
B) cannot prohibit line-up
C) cannot examine witness at time of line-up
D) cannot impose conditions on the line-up
A suspect identification method in which the witness or victim of a crime is allowed to view the suspect individually without the presence of similar looking persons.
A) witness/victim had good chance to view the prep at the time of the crime
B) witness/victim had focused their attention on the perp at the time of the crime
C) witness/victim had given a description of the perp which matched the suspect in show-up
D) a short time had passed
What is the main purpose of giving all of the rules for line-ups?
to give the suspect a fair shot
What are the levels of police-citizen encounters?
A) mere suspition
B) resonable suspicion
C) probable cause
For each of the levels of police encounters, what can be done? For "mere suspicion" ______, for "reasonable suspicion" _______, and for "probable cause"________.
A) causal contact
B) investigatory detention, stop
C) frisk, arrest
What are the elements of a frisk?
A) circumstances reasonably indicate that the person has will commit(ing)(ed) a criminal violation.
B) temp detention of a person for the purpose of ascertaining the person's identity and to resolve suspicion
C) detention not to extend general vicinity
D) detention no longer than is reasonably necessary for "b"
What are the 5 questions an officer may ask a suspect during a stop?
A) to produce ID
B) name
C) address
D) destination
E) explanation of current activity
What is the purpose of a frisk?
to disclose the presence of a weapon and, once disclosed, to allow the officer to secure same, and seize if illegally possessed.
What are some relevant factors when conducting a frisk?
A) nature of suspected crime
B) day or night
C) knowledge of the record of the person stopped
D) # of officers making stop
E) # of suspects stopped
F) demeanor of suspect
G) clothing that may suggest a weapon
H) companion found to be armed
I) stop made in high crime area
J) suspect makes moves as if reaching for weapon
When making a contact with a citizen based on mere suspicion, can the suspect leave?
When may a suspect be arrested?
when the officer has PC
What are the liabilities of an illegal stop and/or frisk?
A) exclusion of evidence
B) dept disciplinary action
C) civil suit in state court
D) civil rights action in Fed Court
E) criminal prosecution in State Court
F) criminal prosecution in Fed Court
G) decertification by the CJSTC
What is the definition of a child?
person under the age of 18 alleged to be dependent, in need of services, or from a family in need of services, or any unmarried or married persons who is charged w/ a violation of law occurring prior to the time that person reached 18 yrs.
A child who has committed a violation of the law or to be in direct or indirect contempt of the court is a ____________?
delinquent child
A "dependent child" is any unmarried child under the age of 18 who has been found by the court to have:
A) been abused, abandoned or neglected by parents
B) been surrendered to DCF
C) been at substantial risk or imminent abuse or neglect by parents
A _______________ is a child whom there is no pending investigation into an allegation or suspicion of abuse, neglect, or abandonment, no pending referral alleging the child is delinquent, or no current supervision by DJJ or DCF for an adjudication of de
child in need of services
How are the circumstances different to take child into custody rather than an adult?
the circumstances are the same
When may a child be taken into custody?
A) On a court order
B) for a delinquent act or violation of law
C) for failing to appear at a court hearing after being properly noticed
Who can a child be released to?
A) parent/guardian
B) responsible adult
C) agent of approved crisis home
D) an adult approved by the court
E) intake worker
What must a LEO do if they detain a delinquent child?
A) must make reasonable effort to notify parents
B) must be delivered w/o unreasonable delay to intake counselor
C) must be detained no longer than 6hrs at jail
D) in absence of court order, intake officer has final say
E) written report must be filed with Clerk of Court within 24hrs if child is detained
All laws of ______ belong to children as with adults.
due process
What happens if a juvenile does not score enough points on the DJJ risk assessment document?
they may not be detained in a state facility
What is the purpose of a diversionary program?
to divert juveniles from the traditional juvenile justice system into community-based alternatives
What are the requirements of fingerprinting and photographing a child?
A) any child taken into custody on PC that the law was violated may be fingerprinted and photographed
B) these records must be placed in a separate file marked "Juvenile - Confidential" doe to the fact that they are not public record.
C) photos may be shown to victims and witnesses for purposes of identification
How long are Juvenile files retained by the Clerk of Court?
Until the child reached 24 (or 26 if a serious habitual offender). until 5 yrs after the last entry was made, or until 3 yrs after death of the child, whichever is earlier.
Does the child have right to legal counsel at all stages of proceedings?
Although juvenile records are confidential, ____________________ may generally be released to the public.
offense report copies
A confession by a juvenile must be __________ and ________.
free and voluntary
What are the procedures for arresting juveniles who are intoxicated, drugged, injured or have mental disorders.
A) notify parents
B) transport to a hospital
C) if medical attention needed, LEO must secure parental consent, if unable to contact, must receive authorization from DJJ.
Can an investigation on a juvenile occur simultaneously with the DJJ or the DCF?
The Division of Alcohol and Tobacco is a division within the ___________.
Department of Buisness and Professional Regulations
The ABT concerns itself with total responsibility of control of all establishments having a ______________________?
beverage license or tabacco dealer permit
What is the role and duties of Alcohol Beverage and Tabacco per chapter 561-569?
A) protecting public industry and revenue
B) licensing
C) tax collection
D) enforcement
E) revocation
Explain beverage licensing to include:
A) licensing is a privilege
B) philosphy of enforcement - owners are held responsible for actions of employees
You cannot sell, or permit the sale of beverages in a premis not covered by ________.
the beverage license
LEOs or employee of the Division may make ___________ of persons, places, and conveyances of any kind in accordance with state law.
Someone who posses 1 gallon of _______ is guilty of a 3rd degree felony.
Possession of one gallon of less of "moonshine" is a ________?
No person under the age of 18 that isn't accompained by an _______ can enter a dance hall or place of business where alcholic beverages are sold.
Describe the basic procedures for inspection and/or searching a licensed premise to include:
A) immediately observe what activity is taking place
B) check license of premise to establish what me be sold under that type of license.
C) check behind bar
D) decide what action to take
What is the reason for the stamp on the bottom of each pack of cigarettes?
to show that FL tax been paid.
Define "nuisance" as _____.
A) an offensive, annoying, unpleasant, or obnoxious thing or practice
B) that which causes harm or annoyance to persons in a particular locality or injures the health of citizens in gerneral or corrupts the public morals.
"Disorderly conduct" or "breach of the peace" are
acts to corrupt public morals, outrage the sense of public decency or affect the peace and quiet of personswho may winess them, or fighting or brawling.
Fighting or Brawling is an example of
disorderly condt or breach of the peace
A phone call made to harass, whether or not conversation ensures, without disclosing identity constitutes _______________.
obsene or harassing phone calls
"Obscene" is defined as _____.
what the average person applying contemporary standards would find, taken as a whole, appeals to the lascivious interests
What are some elements of "public intoxication"?
A) intoxicated so as to endanger the safety of another person or property
B) to cause a public disturbance in a public place upon a public conveyance due to intoxication or drinking alcoholic beverages in public places
Damaging (over $100), mutilating, or destroying a grave is a _______?
3rd degree felony
Loitering and prowling is?
A) a person found in a place, at a time, or in a manner not usual for law-abiding individuals
B) la LEO believes there is a immediate concern for the safety of persons or property.
When a LEO stops to question a suspect for loitering, can he ask for identification and have the suspect explain what they are doing?
Three or more persons meeting togther to commit a breach of peace or to do any unlawful act describes a ______.
"unlawful assembly"
Any persons, unlawfully assembled, who demolish, pull down or destroy, or begin to demolish, or destroy any dwelling, ship, or vessel defines a ______.
A LEO has the right to arrest participants in a unlawful assembly after the participants have been ________.
commanded by the LEO to disperse and fail to do so
What are some measure that are automatically invoked during a state of emergency?
A) sale of guns/ammo is prohibited
B) intentional display of guns/ammo is prohibited
C) intentional possession in a public place of a firearmby an individual who is not a LEO
What are some discretionary measure thst can be invoked during a state of emergency?
A) establish a curfew
B) prohibit the sale of alcohol
C) prohibition of the possession of alcohol in a portable container
D) closing of places of public assemblage
E) prohibition of the sale or transfer of gasoline or any flammable liquid
F) prohibition of the possession in a public place of gasoline in a portable container
How long can a state of emergency be in effect for?
72 hrs
Individuals who violate either automatic or discretionary measures established during a state of emergency is a ________.
1st degree misdemeaner
A _________ is any weapon which will expel a projectile by the action of an explosive.
Generally a _______ is not considered a firearm.
"antique firearm"
A weapon that is not in plain view that is not used for defensive purposes is a _________.
"concealed weapon"
A "concealed firearm" is __________.
a firearm carried in a manner to conceal from ordinary sigh of another person
Carrying a concealed weapon or electronic device is a _______.
Illeagaly carrying a concealed firearm is a _____.
3rd° felony
A LEO may carry a concealed firearm while off-duty when _____?
authorized by a superior officer
To whom are the weapons released to when they are found upon a person at the time of the arrest?
Sheriff or Chief of Police
Discharging a weapon in any public place can be either a _________.
misdemeanor or felony
Making a false report concerning the planting of any bomb or explosive device is a _____.
2nd° felony
What is the minimun age you can sell or give a firearm to someone without the parent's permission?
Children under the age of ____ must be supervised when shooting a BB gun.
16 yrs
Short barreled shotguns and rifles are _____.
Who are some person who may lawfullly possess or use a weapon or firearm?
A) armed forces
C) gaurds or messengers for common carriers
D) certain types of investigators
E) person with firearms permits
Possession of a firearm mising a serial # is a ____.
3rd° felony
A felon who doesn't have their civil rights who has a firearm or electric weapon committed a _______.
2nd° felony
It is generally a ______ to possess or sell armor piercing bullets.
When a felon uses uses a weapon or firearm is used in the commission the charge is reclassified _______?
1 degree higher
Planting a "hoax-bomb" is ______.
Someone who manufactures, sells, etc a Weapon of Mass Destruction can be charged with a ____?

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