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SIBELIUS 3.1 (Quick Tour)


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copy deck
Shortcut to open a file.
Where within Windows is the Scores folder stored?
in the My Documents folder
Shortcut to turn Navigator on/off.
Ctrl + Alt + N
Move up/down a screenful
Page up/down
Move left/right a screenful
Home (left a screenful)
End (right a screenful)
Go to first page
Ctrl + Home
Go to last page
Ctrl + End
Shortcut for creating and extending a slur
letter "S" then tap space bar
To zoom in
To zoom out
Ctrl + plus key
Ctrl + minus key
Use these keys to cycle thru the 5 layouts.
F8 thru F12
Shortcut used to view full screen.
Ctrl + U

Deck Info