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Environmental Science Chapter 1


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What is an independent variable?
An independent variable is the part of the experiment that is manipulated to produce an expected outcome.
What is the dependent variable?
The dependent variable is the result of the change in the experiment.
What is the control?
The control is the part of the experiment where the outcome is known in advance.
What is environmental science?
Environmental science is an applied science that combines many different sciences to solve environmental problems.
What is ecology?
Ecology is the study of how living things are related to each other - how they interact and how they depend on each other.
What is pure science?
Pure science seeks to answer questions about how the natural world works.
What is applied science?
Applied science uses the information provided by pure science to solve problems.
What is population crisis?
Population crisis is when the number of people is growing too quickly for the earth to support.
What is consumption crisis?
Consumption crisis is when people are using up, wasting, or polluting natural resources faster than they can be renewed, replaced, or recycled.
What is the observation of an experiment?
The observation asks the question that you want to find the answer to.
What is the hypothesis of an experiment?
The hypothesis is the educated guess or prediction. It must always be in an "if/then" format.
What is the experiment?
The experiment is the test of the hypothesis to determine if it is true or false.
What are the values that affect environmental decision making?
They are -
* aesthetic - what is beautiful or pleasing
* economic - gain or loss of money or jobs
* environmental - protection of natural resources
* educational - accumulation and use of knowledge
* ethical/moral - what is right or wrong
* health - maintenance of human health and prevention of sickness or disability
* recreational - providing for human leisure activities
* scientific - knowledge gained by scientific research
* social/cultural - maintaining human communities and respecting their values and traditions
What does a pie chart do?
A pie chart depicts percentages and the number of different things.
What does a bar graph do?
A bar graph compares two or more things.
What does a line graph do?
A line graph represents the change over time or when there is an independent or dependent variable.
What are the rules for constructing graphs?
The rules for constructing graphs are 3 from the bottom, 3 from the sides, and 4 from the top. There must be a title and labels.
What is the decision-making process?
The decision-making process is to gather information, consider the values, explore the consequences, and then make a decision.
What is the scientific method?
The scientific method is observing, hypothesizing and predicting, experimenting, organizing and interpreting data, using graphics and sharing information, and communicating results.

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