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fabulae romanae chapter 20


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nego, are, avi atum
to refuse, deny, say no
perfugio, perfugere, perfugi, perfugitum
to flee to
not even
confero, conferre, contuli, collatum
to bring together, collect
ne conferre
to bring oneself,go
diripio, diripere, diripui, direptum
to tear apart, pillage, ravage
obsidio, obsidionis
siege, blockade
frumentum, i
fortuna, ae
luck, fate
imperator, imperatoris
general, commander
trucido, are, avi, atum
to slay, slaughter, massacre
praemitto, praemittere, praemisi, praemissum
to send out ahead, send in advance
fallo, fallere, fefelli, falsum
to deceive, trick, escape the notice of
egregius, a,um
distinquished, exceptional
aurum, i
pondus, ponderis
burden, weigt, weight fo use in scales
iniquus, a,um
unfair, unfavoable, too great
woe, woe to
acer, acris acre
sharp, pointed, fierce
centurio, centurionis
cohors, cohortis
military cohort
pacisor, pacisci, pactus sum
to make an arrangement, arrange

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