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Wisconsin Government


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When did Wisconsin become a state?
May 29, 1848
When did the present Wisconsin Government go into effect?
May 29, 1848
What does the Legislative branch do?
make laws
Explain the main duties of the executive branch.
enforce and administer the laws
What are the duties of the judicial branch?
administer justice and interpret the laws of the state
What are the names of the two houses of the Legislature?
Senate and Assembly
What are the qualifications for members of the Legislature?
US citizen, resident of the state for at least one year and district for at least 10 days
How many members in the Assembly?
How many members in the Senate?
How long is the term of office for the Assembly?
2 yrs.
How long is the term of office for the Senate?
4 yrs.
What is the governor's role in the lawmaking process?
pass or veto
How long is the term of office for the governor?
4 yrs.
What are the main officials in the executive branch?
Governor, Lt. Governor, Sec. of State, State Treasury, Attorney General, Superintendant of Public Instruction
What are some of the important jobs of the governor?
1. approve or veto bills, 2. appoint gov't. officials, 3.grant pardons, 4.approve spending, 5.represent the state nationally, 6.inform citizens, 7.prepare budget, 8.commander in chief of the state militia
What are lobbies?
organized groups seeking to influence legislators
What is the state's highest court?
Supreme Court

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