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5th Countryside: Force, Motion, Energy, and Matter


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Benjamin Franklin discovered the form of energy produced by lightning. Experiments with lightning killed many people before he discovered that lightning is a form of _______.
Oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide may be grouped together because at room temperature they are all a ________.
What moves faster if the temperature of a metal pan is increased?
What does transparent mean?
Clear or see-through.
The smallest quantity of an element is called a what?
An atom
A bar magnet is placed on a table, and a sheet of blank paper is placed over the magnet. What could be sprinkled on the paper to show the magnetic field of the bar magnet?
Iron filings
A wheel barrow uses what two simple machines to make work easier?
Wheel and axle and a lever.
Electric lights will not come on unless their electrical circuit becomes what kind of circuit?
A closed circuit
Sound waves travel best through what?
When a roller coaster picks up speed in order to be carried from one hill to another, it uses what kind of energy?
Kinetic energy
When light hits an object, the rays can pass through it, bounce off it, or be absorbed by it. Light rays that bounce back are called what?

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