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Adobe Illustrator Selection Tools


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What is a path?
Any individual shape the is created in Illustrator.
Name the two basic path types.
Open and closed.
What is an open path?
A straight or curved line with endpoints.
What is a closed path?
A shape with no endpoints such as a circle or a square.
What is an anchor point?
A corner point or smooth point that joins two segments of a path.
What is a straight segment?
A segment between two corner points.
What is a curved segment?
A segment between two smooth anchor points or between a smooth and a corner point.
What is a smooth anchor point?
A point that joins curved segments.
What is a corner point?
An anchor point that join stwo straight or a curved and a straight segment.
What is a direction line?
Antennae that stick out from every smooth point.
What are direction lines used for?
To reshape a curved segment.
How do you reshape a curved segment with direction lines?
Rotate, lengthen or shorten a direction line.
What does "Select" mean in Illustrator?
Highlight an object in the document window for editing.
What is another word for "path" in Illustrator?
What is a path made of?
Smooth and/or corner anchor points and curved and/or straight line segments.
How can you tell when an anchor point is selected?
It is solid, not hollow.
What is the Selection tool (V) used for?
To select whole objects or groups.
What is the Direct-selection tool used for?
To select parts of objects.
When do you use the Group selection tool?
To select nested groups.
What is the difference between the Selection tool and the Group-selection tool?
The Selection tool is used to select whole objects or grouped objects. The Group-selection tool is used to select nested groups.
What is a group?
Two or more paths/objects that are united via the Group command so they can be modified together.

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