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World Geography Chapter 23


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How many countries and national capitals does the Danube River link together?
Nine countries and four national capitals
How did the first geography textbook refer to Europe?
It was called the "peninsula of peninsulas"
One of Europe's most crowded areas is in a belt stretching through Belgium, the Netherlands, and central ?
Which country of Eastern Europe is a producer of petroleum?
Petroleum and natural gas have been found beneath the waters of what major body of water?
North Sea
Name the highest mountain range found in western and central Europe?
The Alps
Name Europe's three major climate types
marine west coast
humid continental
What mountain range forms a natural boundary between Spain and France?
What do geographers consider to be one of the boundaries between Europe and Asia?
Carpathian Mountains
Name Europe's two most developed rivers
Most of Europe's original forests were cut for timer or cleared for farming centuries ago. What two European countries still have large areas of timer-producing forest?
Sweden and Finland
From where do Europeans import much of their oil and gas to satisfy their industrial needs?
Southwest Asia, Africa, and Russia
During what time period was the Greek civilization flourishing in the Mediterranean area?
900 to 300 BC
What country has the most metropolitan areas with populations of more than 2 million?
Describe the areas that encompassed the Roman Empire at its peak
northern Africa
southwestern Asia
most of western and central Europe
Define the period called the Middle Ages
Germanic groups established a number of new kingdoms.
Charlemagne was the emperor
500 to 1500 AD
What two European countries became the first to establish large foreign colonies?
What did the expression mean "the sun never set on the British Empire."
with the earth's rotation, some part of the empire was always in daylight
Why is the region becoming a population of older people?
Life expectancy is high and the birth rate is low
What percentage of all Europeans between 15 and 24 speak a second language?
In what part of Europe does Catholicism dominate?
Southern European Countries such as Spain, Italy and Portugal
In what part of Europe does Protestantism dominate?
Most of Northern and Central Europe including the United Kingdom
How many tourists visited Europe in 1993?
300 million tourists
How much did tourists spend in Europe in 1993?
more than $160 billion
To what does the term Eurasia refer?
the worlds largest landmass, made up of the countries of Europe and Asia
Which sea requires the use of icebreakers during the winter?
The Baltic Sea
What countries border the Baltic Sea and what are their climates like?
Sweden, Finland,, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. These countries have a subarctic climate.
How did the loss of overseas colonies affect some of Europe's economies?
The overseas colonies had produced inexpensive raw materials that supported industrial growth and Europe lost that support.
Identify four European countries that are multilingual.
Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium
Compared to world regions of similar latitude, much of Europe has mild conditions throughout the year. Why?
The moderating influence of the North Atlantic Ocean helps prevent extreme temperatures
What economic activities are common in the subarctic and tundra climates of northern Scandinavia?
Which metropolitan areas west of the prime meridian have populations of more than 2 million?
Manchester and Birmingham, England
What type of climate region dominates most of Northern and West Central Europe?
Subarctic climate
Why did Europe's population experience major declines between 1300 and 1450?
diseases, famines, and wars
How and when were the Ural Mountains formed?
300 million years ago, the two continents of Europe and Asia collided to form Eurasia forming the Ural Mountains

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