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CJD 760


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principles of honor morality and accepted rules of conduct that govern an individual or group.
Define Professionalisn
behavior and attitude patterns exhibiting standards and character marked by pride in oneself and one's chosen career.
____ and _____ is an essential ingredient in the development of a professional officer.
ethical and moral
Identify acts that are considered unethical as _____.
offering or accepting gratuities
giving false statements etc...
What are the primary goals of the CJSTC?
A) improve the delivery of quality training
B) ensure job-relatedness in employment standards
C) increase the professionalism of the law enforcement officers.
What does CJSTC stand for?
Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission
Law begins as a method for the ________ ordering of society.
List the various forms of social control.
A) Law

B) Morality

C) Religion
Why was the Code of Hammurabi important?
It is the first known written legal document that represents the idea of natural law.
Where did American Law originate from?
English common or case law.
Whaw are the diffrent types of law?
natural statutory
criminal Contitutional
civil administrative
Identify purposes of laws
protect ownership, define the parameters of property, regulate business, preserve order, maintain the status quo, protect persons and property
Identify the basic concepts of the US Constitution.
All people are created equal

Purpose of government is to secure these rights

Government is the agent of the people
Identify 3 major components of the criminal justice system.
law enforcement

court system

Identify the responsibilities of the local, county and state law enforcement agencies.
criminal law enforcement

civil processing

regulatory law enforcement
Identify the components of the court system.
clerk of court
court administrator
Identify components of the Florida correctional system.
A) county jails and municipal holding facilities
B) state institutions and facilities
C) treatment & evaluation centers
D) probation, parole, and community control
Explain that the basic two elements of a criminal act require proof that:
A) a crime has been committed and

B) the person charged committed the crime
To prove that a crime has been committed it must be shown that:
A) an act or omission is specifically prohibited by a criminal statue and

B) the person committing tha act or omission at the time did so knowingly or intentionally
Intent is _______.
purposely doing that which the law declares to be a crime.
Mens Rea
criminal intent or a mental state of mind that is required which leads to criminal liability for a particular crime.
Describe causation or the casual relationship between the defendant's act and the resulting harm to include _________ and __________.
A) defendant's act or omission was the cause of harm

B) no legal defense applies to defendant's act or omission
List some legal defenses that may be used by defendants, to include:
immunity, mistake or ignorance of fact, intoxication, duress or coercion, justifiable use of force, entrapment, temporary insanity, mental incompetence, statue of limitations expired, self defense

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