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Ch. 12 Nervous TIssue


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The central nervous system consists of what?
Brain and spinal cord
The Peripheral nervous system concists of what?
All nervous tissue outside the CNS
What comprises a nerve?
100's - 1,000's of axons plus connective tissues & blood vessels that lie outside the brain
How many pairs (right & left) of crainal nerves?
The spinal cord connects to the brain through what?
The foramen magnum of the skull
How many pair of spinal nerves?
What are ganglia?
Small masses of nervous tissue, containing primarily cell bodies of neurons that are located outside the brain and spinal cord.
What are enteric plexuses?
Gastrointestinal tract network of neurons that help regulate the digestive system
What are sensory receptors?
Either dendrites of sensory neurons or separate, specialized cells that monitor changes in the internal or external environment
Name the 3 basic functions of the nervous system.
Sensory, Integrative & Motor
Sensory receptors detect internal stimuli and external stimuli
Sensory or afferent neurons do what?
Carry sensory information from cranial and spinal nerves into the brain
The nervous system includes the brain, cranial nerves, spinal cord, spinal nerves, ganglia enteric plexuses and sensory receptors

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