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CJD 760 - Legal Terms and Definitions


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a confession, statement or acknowledgment made by a party which could be offered against that party in court.
a sworn written statement
taking of a case to a higher court for correction, modification or endorsement of a judge or ruling of a lower court.
to bring a prisoner to court for the purpose of answering a charge against him
to legally deprive a person of liberty or freedom to go as one chooses or taking a person into custody to be held to answer for a crime.
Baker Act
law that sets forth the procedure for legally handling or committing the mentally ill and which lists the rights to be afforded to such persons.
something of value pledged to the court as an assurance that a defendant will appear in court if released from jail before trail.
means any person under 18
Child Abuse
intentional infliction of physical or mental injury upon a child. Or an intentional act that could result in physical or mental injury. Or active encouragement of any person to commit an act that results or could reasonably be expected to result in injury to a child.
Community Control
a form of intensive supervised custody in the community. Freedom is offered to an offender but it is restricted with the community, home, or non-institutional residential placement.
statement made by a person charged with a crime acknowledging one's own guilt for the offense charges. It must have been provided voluntarily.
appropriate property or other thing possessed in violation of the law.
goods, property or other thing possessed in violation of the law
Corpus Delicti
the proof that a crime has been committed
a felony or misdemeanor
the retention, care, or keeping of somthing or someone
Deadly Force
Force that is likely to cause death or great bodily harm
the party charged with a crime or party sued in a civil acation.
a form of pre-trail discovery in which a witness is placed under oath and must answer questions asked by an attorney.
Duces Tecum
a type of supeoena which requires the witness to bring specified documents or other evidence
Due Process
legal protection which observes rules for the protection and enforcement of individual rights and liberties.
proof of allegations at issue between parties which may be direct, indirect, substantive, intrinsic, original, or derivative.
Florida Crime Information Center/
National Crime Information Center
in Florida state courts, and criminal offense punishable by death or imprisonment in a state penitentiary in excess of one year.
the loss of some right or property as a penalty for some illegal act
Grand Jury
an investigative body of persons whose duty it is, upon hearing the evidence for the prosecution, to decide whether a sufficient case has been developed upon which to hold an accused for trail.
a formal charge issued by a grand jury
a person who provides information concerning those who violate a law or penal statute
in Florida state courts, a non-criminal violation punishable by no other penalty than a fine, forfeiture or other civil penalty
to accumulate evidence from suspects by questioning
the territorial range over which an authority extends
a body of citizens sworn to deliver a true verdict upon evidence submitted to them in a trail
Mens Rea
criminal intent
Mirandi Rights
a requirement based on the US Supreme Court Miranda case where prior to custodial interrogation, the person to be interrogated is advised of certain specified legal rights
in Florida state courts, any criminal offense punishable by a term of imprisonment in a county correctional facility not in excess of one year.
Noole Prosequi/nol pros
an announcement on the record by the prosecutor that the case will proceed no further or charges are being dropped.
Nolo Contender / Nolo
a plea in a criminal case, allowing the court to impose its sentence for the crimes charged.
a law, statue, or legislative enactment, p articulary the legislative enactments or statues of a municipal corporation.
Modus Operandi
method of operation
Nolo contendere
"no contest" plea in a criminal case
any person who is under civil or criminal arrest in the lawful custody of any law enforcement official, or any person committed to or detained in any municipal or Department of Corrections.
Probale Cause
a reasonable ground for suspicion, supported by circumstance sufficiently strong to warrant belief that the person is guilty of the offense they are charged.
the restoring of monetary or non-monetary property to a victim for damage or loss caused directly or indirectly by the defendant.
an exploration or inspection of an individuals premises.
Search Warrant
a written order, issued by a judge upon a finding of probable cause, specifying a particular place a search is to be made.
the act of taking possession of property, things, or persons, including evidence and contraband.
a document issued under the authority of the court or statute, compelling attendance at a deposition, hearing, trial, or other proceeding.
to put a stop to a thing actually existing; to prohibit , put down, prevent, subdue
the circuit or county in which a particular trail may be conducted
Voir Dire
"to speak the truth"
one who observes an incident or has knowledge of facts or information

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