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ABeka Literature 7 - Semester Exam Review


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Who wrote "Pilgrim's Progress"?
John Bunyan
Who wrote "A Christmas Carol"?
Charles Dickens
Who wrote "Of Plymouth Plantation"?
William Bradford
Who wrote "Barbara "Frietchie"?
John Greenleaf Whittier
Who wrote "After Twenty Years"?
O. Henry
Who wrote "Dear Land of All My Love"?
Sidney Lanier
Who wrote "A Bed in My Heart"?
Martin Luther
Who wore a dress with eighty-eight buttons?
Who hunted raccoons with his two hound dogs?
Who commanded the troops at Valley Forge?
George Washington
Who gave a prayer of Thanksgiving?
Who became a famous evangelist?
Dwight L. Moody
Who protected a bungalow from snakes?
Who received a visit from three spirits?
Ebenezer Scrooge
Who spread the warning that the British were coming?
Paul Revere
Who made a mark on the parlor wall?
"Song of Sojourner" reminds Christians that they are merely _______ in this world.
True or False: Jasek, the shepherd, did not want to study music.
What did Mr. Gilbreth name his new car?
Foolish Carriage
Gordon Thompson and Davie are the names of two pets in what story?
"No Place for a Hawk"
Who showed Christian the way to the cross?
True or False: William the Silent was the ruler of France.
At Gettysburg, who spoke before Edward Everett spoke?
President Lincoln
In his visit as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, the spirit showed the who had died?
Tiny Tim
Who spoke these words: "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country."
Nathan Hale
True or False: The March girls were first called "little women" by their housekeeper, Hannah.
One revolution of Earth around the sun roughly eaquals__________ days.
Earth has different seasons because of the way it ______ and _________ around the sun.
The earth's crust includes the seven _______ and the _____ floors.
continents; floors
Tropics has a ________ climate.
mid-latitude climates are sometimes called____________.
temperate climates
Name the four mid-latitude climates.
marine west coast climate
Mediterranean climate
humid continental climate
humid subtropical climate

marine west coast climate

mild, rainy winters, and cool summers
Mediterranean climate

mild rainy winters and hot dry summers
humid continental climate

long cold snowy winters and short hot summers
humid subtropical climate
rain year around; hot humid summers; short and mild winters
What climate occurs on the coast and has hot, dry summers?
Mediterranean climate
What are the two types of dry climates. What is the difference?
- desert and steppes
- steppes get more rain than deserts
permanently frozen ground

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