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American Literature First Semester Final


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The World on the Turtles Back
pg. 24-30
Written by the Iroquois
built longhouses, ate squash beans and corn, hunted, fished, gathered berries, etc. fought with neighboring Mahican people.
creation myth--two brothers born of mother's armpit.
Song of the Sky Loom.
religious ritual, sky loom refers to "small desert rains which resemble a loom hung from the sky."
Pueblo group in New Mexico.
Hunting song p.35 (Dinni-e Sin)
written by the Navajo
hunter gathering people.
Hunting song given to them by god of sunrise and of game animals. Sang sone while they were hunting, and believed that if they sang well they would have success.
Coyote Stories p.39
Folk tales told by storyteller who traveled from village to village.
Part of oral tradition of The Animal People who had magical power and could alter their shapes.
The Man to Send the Rain Clouds. p. 48
by Leslie Marmon Silko
Laguna tribe
describes funeral of old man,
and the effects missionaries had on the native american people.
The Way to Rainy Mountain
by N. Scott Momaday.
Kiowa people
Momaday goes back to visit his grandmother after her death and reminisces about her traditions.
La Relacion
Cabeza de Vaca-- Spanish
Spanish are shipwrecked in south america and interact with the native americans.
Plymouth Plantation
William Bradford--English
describes rough ocean voyage,harsh winters "Starving time" Relations with indians and first thanksgiving.
Olaudah Equiano
West Africa--Benin
describes attrocities commited in the Middle Passage, and the beginnings of slavery in america.
Europeans needed workers, and believed blacks to be inferior.
Blue Highways
William Least-Heat Moon
"piki" bread-preserved traditions
wanted to be a doctor
myth of 'four worlds'
Lakota Women
Mary Crow Dog
describes her experiences with assimilation, american government and missionaries
The Crucible
Arthur Miller
Salem trials mirrored McCarthy trials
fear of communism/witchcraft
Abigail Williams leads town in witchhunt for her own benefit, accusing wife of man she loves, etc.
The Crucible Main Characters
Abigail Williams
John Proctor
Reverand Hale
-leads witch hunt
-commits adultery with Abigail...later accused of witch craft, and dies because he won't confess
-Rev. believes in the trials in the beginning and slowly realizes the truth.
The Crucible Foil Characters
Rev. Parris
Elizabeth Proctor
Abigail Warren
Rev. Hale
Speech at Virginia Convention
Patrick Henry
Female Patriots
Milcah Martha Moore

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