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Health Test - Agee


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self esteem
the way you see yourself, the way you wish you were, the way other people see me
low self esteem
bullies b/c try to bring others down with them
the body and minds reactions to every day events
causes stress; ex: people, objects, events, places
good stress/ study for a test
nervous system; bunch of nerves in the brain; get excited by stressors
autonomic system
set off by stressors (hypothalamus); things you do without thinking (breath)
endocrine system
bunch of glands that puts out hormones
pituitary glands
puts out adrenaline
emergency energy rush; causes heart to speed up, breathing increase, mouth dries, perspiration increases, muscles tense, digestion suspended
bodies way of telling you something is wrong
physical fatigue (most common)
body is tired b/c of regular stuff
pathological fatigue
immune system tired of fighting disease
psychological fatigue
mentally fatigued (bored, stressed, worried)
refers to worry, stress, concern, nervousness
Anxiety Disorders
effects a persons ability to lead a normal life (sleep, appetite, attitude)
general anxiety disorder
constant, intense worry about every day things
panic disorder
episodes of intense fear for no reason
social anxiety disorder
anxious/upset when put in social situations
obsessive compulsive disorder
certain obsessions that make them have compulsions over them/ uncontrollable thoughts in your mind
post-traumatic anxiety disorder
years later still struggling with traumatic events
get anxiety from...
genetics, neurotransmitter
chemical messengers in brain
serotonin and dopamine
transmitters in brain, if messed up then mess person up
w/ anxiety, nothing happens ______ and _____; in your head (not normal)
w/ anxiety, nothing happens THEN and THERE; in your head (not normal)
different, NORMAL! (everyone has fears)
intense, unreasonable fears
treatment : introduce to fear slowly (by dr.)
depression/ suicide
deep feelings of sadness
major depression
intense, lasts short period of time
less severe, lasts long period of time
suicide is the result of a teenager ________ to see any other ___________.
suicide is the result of a teenager UNABLE to see any other SOLUTION
True or False :
Suicide is not preventable
False; suicide IS preventable
True or false:
Suicidal people do not want to die, they want their problems to end
suicide is a ________ solution to a ____________ problem
suicide is a PERMANENT solution to a TEMPORARY problem
bipolar people
suffer from major depression one minute, then manic (mania--> super happy)

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