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Huck Finn 2


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After Huc forgets his name, how does he trick Buck into revealing it
What theme was Emmeline Grangerford most interested in?
How does Huck rediscover Jim?
Buck's slave takes Huck to the waterfront to show him something. When he gets there he sees Jim
What happened to the raft?
After the boat crashed into it Jim took it to the woods and was repairing the raft.
Why does Huck feel responsible for the carnage following Sophia's elopement?
Because he snuck into the church and got her Bible that told Ms. Sophia what time the elopement was to be at.
What do the furnishings of the Grangerford house tell us about the inhabitants?
That the Granderfords had some money. They did not have a bed in the parlor like others, they had a fancy clock and a brick fireplace.
What do you think Twain is satirizing in his description of Emmiline Grangerford's poetry?
Twain is trying to tell
In Hucks description of the chirch service and later the hogs that sleep under the church floor, do you think Twain is satirizing religion itself or the way some people practice religion?
The way that people practice religion, he specifically talks about the differences between people going when they have to and the hogs being there no matter what.
Would you say that the Grangerfords are basically good or bad people? Why do they end up the way that they do?
Bad because they allowed the fued between the two families continue even when their daughter went off and married a Shepherdson
At the end of Chapter 18 , Huck says, " you feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft." How would you compare life on shore and life on the raft so far?
Life on shore has been difficult for Huck and those he interacts with. On the raft, Huck generally feels comfortable and free.
What theory does Jim come up with regarding the origin of the stars?
Jim believed that they were made by the moon
How does Huck meet the men who later indentified themselves as the duke and the king?

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