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fatuous -impugn


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fatuous (adj)
foolish; inane
febrile (adj)
fetid (adj)
fiat (n)
filial (adj)
pertaining to a son or daughter
firebrand (n)
hothead; troublemaker
flag (v)
droop; grow feeble
flail (v)
thresh grain by had; strike or slap; toss about
flout (v)
reject; mock
foible (n)
weakness; slight fault
foist (v)
insert improperly; palm off
foment (v)
stir up; instigate
forswear (v)
renounce; abandon
fortuitous (adj)
accidental; by chance
fracas (n)
brawl; melee
fractious (adj)
franchise (n)
right granted by authority; right to vote; license to sell a product in a particular territory
fraught (adj)
fray (N)
fulminate (v)
thunder; explode
gadfly (n)
animal-biting fly; an irritating person
gainsay (v)
gambol (v)
romp; skip about; leap playfully
gamely (adv)
in a spirited manner; with courage
gamut (n)
entire range
gastronomy (n)
science of preparing and serving good food
gauche (adj)
clumsy; coarse and uncouth
glib (adj)
fluent; facile; slick;
grandiloquent (adj)
pompous; bombastic; using high sounding language
gregarious (adj)
gustatory (adj)
affecting the sense of taste
guy (n)
cable or chain attached to something that needs to be braced or steadied
hackles (n)
hairs on back and neck, especially of a dog
halcyon (adj)
calm; peaceful
harangue (n)
long, passionate, and vehement speech
hegemony (n)
dominance, especially of one nation over another
hermetic (adj)
obscure and mysterious; occult
hue and cry (n)
husband (v)
use sparingly; conserve; save
iconoclastic (adj)
attacking cherished traditions
ignominy (n)
deep disgrace; shame or dishonor
immolate (v)
offer as sacrifice
immure (v)
imprison; shut up in confinement
impassive (adj)
without feeling; stoical
impecunious (adj)
without money
impel (v)
drive or force onward
imperious (adj)
domineering; haughty
impetuous (adj)
violent; hasty; rash
impetus (n)
moving force
impinge (v)
infringe; touch; collide with
impious (adj)
implicit (adj)
understood but not stated
imprecation (n)
improvident (adj)
impugn (v)
dispute or contradict (often in an insulting way); challenge; gainsay
garrulous (adj)
loquacious; worldly; talkative
fusillade (n)
simultaneous firing or outburst (of missiles; questions)
hortatory (adj)
implacable (adj)
incapable of being pacified

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